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17 Smashing Tips On Choosing Your Best Wedding Gowns

wedding gown
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Wedding is a special occasion where the bride becomes the heroine and she is the star of the event. Wedding gown is undeniably a special attire that every women wishes to have in her wardrobe. As you will be the center of attraction in your wedding, you have to be careful in choosing your wedding gown such that it matches your style. The gown that you select should make you look extremely gorgeous and should fit you correctly.

You can enjoy your wedding only if you are comfortable in your wedding attire. Though you may find different styles of wedding gowns, you have to select the one that that suits you. Choosing the wedding gown is often a tough decision to make as every woman want to look great on their special day.

If you take some time and plan perfectly, you can arrive at the best wedding gown for yourself. Here are some tips for you that will help you to decide on your wedding gown:

1. Understand that the cost of the wedding gown does not determine your look. If you are able to spend time in choosing your wedding gown, then you can find an inexpensive gown that looks spectacular when you wear it. Your wedding budget is very important. Choose the gown that fits your budget. Splendid wedding gowns are available at different price ranges and you can choose the one you like that fits your budget. If you have a good budget for your wedding gown, you can get a designer to design a wedding gown exclusively for you. Designer celebrity gowns are often expensive but always try to strike a balance between the budget and the pattern of your wedding gown.

wedding gown
photo from foreverafterimage

2. Search for as many places as you can to get your wedding gown. You can approach a professional designer to design your wedding gown if you are on a high budget. The internet has made life simple and you can find a professional designer at an affordable price when you look at the number of wedding websites that are available online. Expert advice is always preferable, as the designer will definitely know more about fashion. They will guide you to select a pattern and style that will suit your physic.

3. Don?t postpone the purchasing of your wedding gown. Start the shopping as early as possible. Plan your shopping for wedding in advance so that you can try different patterns and designs and choose the best one for you. As you start your shopping earlier, you can look at various shops and try different styles to choose the best style for you. Since your wedding gown is very special, spend more time to get one exclusively designed for you. You just need to have a basic knowledge about your body figure, size and your complexion. When you have dressing sense, you can easily get a wedding gown for you without spending so much time.

4. While choosing the style of your wedding gown, you have to match it with the style of your wedding. If your wedding is traditional, then you can choose a traditional dress and use your creativity to make it more special. Rather, if you have planned for a themed wedding, your wedding gown should go with the theme.

wedding gown
photo from savoir

5. Depending on the type of the wedding ceremony, you have to decide on the length of the gown. If it is a formal ceremony, floor-length wedding gowns will be suitable. For ultra formal weddings, you have to add a cathedral train to your gown. Casual outdoor weddings demand travel and movements and hence you can choose hemline that augments your looks.

6. The location of your wedding and the corresponding season has to be considered for choosing a wedding gown. If you are getting wedded in a cool place in winter, your clothing should keep you warm and if it is a hot place, your gown should make you stay cool. The pattern along with the fabric should also be chosen to match your level of comfort.

7. The fabric of your wedding gown is very important to make you feel comfortable. Organza is a strong fabric and best for weddings in winter, Chiffon is a delicate fabric that will suit on all outdoor weddings. The fabric you select should hide the flaws in your shape and size. Free flowing fabric is generally great for brides with moderate figures. If you are too thin, you should go for a stronger fabric that will make you look moderately sized.

8. The pattern of your wedding gown should show off your figure to its best advantage. You can expose your figures at your level of comfort. If you have wider hips, your gown should hide the lower body and should boost your bust and shoulders. On the other hand, if your upper body is wide, the gown should emphasize on your lower body. You should first understand the shape of your body before finalizing the pattern of your gown.

wedding gown
photo from savoir

9. Your age should also be considered while choosing the best wedding gown for you. Don?t opt for a design just because your friend looked great in that gown on her wedding. Strapless gowns will look gorgeous on young brides, but they will not be suitable for middle-aged persons. Also, when you become older, your body shape will undergo changes and something that looks great in the photos of magazines may not actually suit you.

10. The color of the wedding gown should be picked up wisely matching the skin tone. Only when you get this match you can have a great appearance in your wedding gown. Traditional wedding gowns are designed in white or off-white colors. But these days, themed weddings are popular and you can choose any color that fits your complexion. If you are light skinned, white or dark colored gowns will look great on you. If you are dark complexioned, you have to take your make up also into account for deciding the color of your wedding gown.

11. The fitting of the gown is very important. You have to determine the appropriate sleeve length and the most flattering sleeve patterns. The neckline that is suitable for you will make your wedding gown more attractive. Deep v-necks are very common among people who are highly confident about the shape of their breast. You actually have a number of necklines and ask the expert opinion to choose the best neckline for you. The design of your wedding gown may be simple, but if it fits you properly, you will definitely catch the eyes of your groom as well as the guests.

wedding gown
photo from mr_mrs

12. You can add any types of embellishments to your wedding depending on the time of the wedding and the fabric of the gown. Crystals, fabric ruffles, flowers, ribbons, pleats and anything that will make the gown attractive will do well. Your designer will help you to embellish the wedding gown to get the most attractive look. You can also embellish your wedding gown based on the theme of your wedding.

13. The body shape and the figure differ with different women. Before choosing the wedding gown, it is better to try it atleast once to check the fitting. While you try your wedding gown, wear the shoes and the bra that you are going to wear on your wedding. Sometimes, the shoes and the accessories may look pretty when you purchase them but they may not suit your wedding gown. By rehearsing, you can check your looks and change the accessories you want so that you look bright and comfortable.

14. When you go for shopping your wedding gown, take somebody else with you and take photographs at different angles to identify if the design and the style look flawless when you wear your gown. If the groom has knowledge about dress and designs, you can take him along with you. Otherwise, you can choose a female companion who can help you in making a final decision.

wedding gown
photo from foreverafterimages

15. Try out different veils while you are out for purchasing your wedding gown. Sometimes, long veils may make wonders for you while they may not suit others. If you have planned to lose or gain weight during your wedding, keep that in mind to choose the wedding gown. Otherwise, the fitting may not be proper, and it will spoil your looks.

16. The accessories you wear during your wedding should also be considered before picking your wedding gown. You don?t want your accessory to take the fame during your wedding. Your accessories should make your wedding gown complete and should augment your look. Everything including the neckpiece, bangles, studs and the shoes must match your wedding gown.

17. Before selecting your wedding gown, refer a few magazines that talk about the different types of wedding gowns like A-line, ball gown, dropped, basque, empire, sheath and mermaid patterns. If you don?t have knowledge about these patterns then you can ask your designer to try the different patterns on you before finalizing the best pattern for you.

While you plan for your wedding, take some time to look at the different magazines that contain pictures of different wedding costumes. Fashion is changing everyday and if you locate the recent fashion magazine, you will find the hot pattern that is commonly chosen by celebrities. It is always better to get a professional designer to design your wedding gown. A lot of research and expert advice along with the above tips will help you to choose the best wedding gown that will make you look pretty on your special day.

wedding gown
photo from foreverafterimages

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