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Wedding Cupcakes

Local pastries are not really fantastic.

How many types of wedding pastries have you seen during wedding lunch?

Normally, pastries are only offered during buffet lunch.

In Singapore, we normally have wedding dinner and it is a sit-down dinner which serves main courses.

Back to pastries, in fact, there are very limited choices we can choose from. We call them finger food.

Wherever we attend wedding lunch, we see similar food…spring rolls, kuehs, otahs and so on…

(Of course if budget allows, you can order high tea for your buffet. Then, the caterer may consider bringing in better pastries that suit your budget.)

There are some shops that specialise in customising cake designs…

wedding cake
from tiramisutra.com

I’m looking for more unique savories that don’t just appeal to our taste buds but also the colors of the table decors.

Wedding should be a colorful event..an exciting transition for the bride and the groom…

Wedding should be filled with as much color as possible…not just colored by the laughters and well-wishes of friends and relatives…but also decor items we can see…

I’m wondering have you come across cakes that you can bear to eat them but to bring them home as a collectible…

wedding cake
from cakescateringtn.com

wedding cake
from shutterstock.com

wedding cake
from swedishbakery.com

wedding cake
from ohjoy.blogs.com

wedding cake
from cassandrabromfield.com

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