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Archive for August, 2007

How To Manage Your House

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how to do housework

Okie, now you are newly-wed and you are really excited about your new home. Wow, 5 rooms and a big living room with a new suite of furniture that you are so proud of because you spent your entire year looking for it.

Now, your mommy is no longer staying with you and so who will be doing the housechores.

To make matters more complicated, your wife and you have never even swept the floor in your life before.

Some may exclaimed, “Let’s hire a maid.”

Not everyone can afford that especially now you have mountains of debts to pay after your wedding. Not forgetting that you still owe your mom US$25,000 for the splendid wedding you held in your dream wedding venue in your gorgeous Vera Wang’s designed wedding gown.

Oppps, you may had even spent US$2,000 just to decorate your wedding car.

So, having a domestic helper is not a solution.

For the first few days after you return from your honeymoon, it may be still be honeymoon period for both of you. However, with so much clothes to wash and iron, that is when conflict may arise if there is no settlement initially.

Traditionally, wifes should do all the housechores from cooking to ironing the clothes. However, times have changed and now there should be at least an even distribution of housework.

What about you wash the clothes and your husband iron them?
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37 Reasons Why Women Won’t Want to Get Married

It is not every woman out there wants to get married and walk down the aisle on her wedding day. There are some possible reasons I can think of why some women just refuse to get married.

37 Reasons Why Women Won’t Want to Get Married
1. She finds that all men are jerks
2. She is financially stable and can support herself
3. She has yet to find a suitable life-long partner
4. She wants to excel in her career
5. She hasn’t found one that resembles her dad
6. She has not found her prince charming – the exact one mom told her during bedtime stories when she was younger
7. She was traumatised by men before possible is a rape victim
8. She has low self-esteem
9. She never wants to date
10. She is too shy to look at any man in the eyes
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3 Things You & Your Husband Can Do Everyday

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angry couple

“Life is boring.” most couples would say.

“There is nothing else to do.”

I personally believe there is so much things you and your husband can do together everyday.

1. Unwind Together
For a start, after a busy day at work, you and your dear can sit together over a cup of Earl grey and update each other about the days’ happenings.

Do allocate some time to share and hear from both parties so that both husband and wife have equal amount of time to share and unload their emotional barges.

We won’t want so much of over-talking from only one party, leaving no chance for the other to unwind at all.

2. Sleep Together
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37 Reasons Why Men get Married

I think it is only just to analyse why men want to get married too after I have done a post why women got married.

37 Reasons why Men Get Married:
1. To have a life-long partner
2. He has found his true love
3. It is the right time to get married
4. He is getting old
5. He has a big house and he is alone
6. He has kids from his ex-wife and has no one to help
7. He needs a free life-long domestic helper
8. He has too much money and time
9. He is sick of his previous wife or wives (In olden days, Chinese Emperors do this alot.)
10. Religiously, they can, just like the Arabs.
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At Least 6 Reasons Why Women Get Married!

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engaged couples

There are many reasons why women get married. There are those that are more common while others are more controversial.

I got married because I strongly believe I found my true love and I want my wife to be my life-long partner. It is a commitment made to her to take care of her forever.

I know some friends who got married because it is the right time. (Only the brides can tell us when is the right time.)

In Korea, I know that women get married because they have to. Of course, there are some who found true love. On the other hand, there are some women who are match-made when they reached a certain age. Their parents will arrange their daughters to meet sons of their friends and the story starts from there.

So this is from the social point of view. Women get married because they have reached that stage in life which tells them they have to get married so that they can have a family really soon.

It is the social norm for them to do so because everyone else in their society is doing the same.

From the intra-personal point of view, women get married for many reasons. Some women get married because of sense of security. They want someone to be there to protect them.

Others got married because of fear of loneliness. They are afraid of growing old without someone to spend time with them.
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