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37 Reasons Why Men get Married

I think it is only just to analyse why men want to get married too after I have done a post why women got married.

37 Reasons why Men Get Married:
1. To have a life-long partner
2. He has found his true love
3. It is the right time to get married
4. He is getting old
5. He has a big house and he is alone
6. He has kids from his ex-wife and has no one to help
7. He needs a free life-long domestic helper
8. He has too much money and time
9. He is sick of his previous wife or wives (In olden days, Chinese Emperors do this alot.)
10. Religiously, they can, just like the Arabs.

11. He needs someone to bear him kids.
12. His first wife is infertile (or more accurately, it is the men’s fault most of the time. So don’t always blame the women.)
13. He is still a big boy and needs a motherly-figure to look after him
14. He needs to be satisfied sexually
15. His parents force him to
16. He sees he is lagging behind his peers and want to catch up
17. He can’t cook and he needs a cook at home
18. His girl-friend’s mother hinted him to get married and she had even booked the wedding venue for them and informed all the relatives they are planning to get married this year! (So he can’t say no.)
19. The girl is very rich
20. Or the girl’s father is very rich

21. Or the girl’s father only does business with sons-in-law
22. He wants to take care of the girl for eternality and forever
23. The girl is dying and marrying him is her last wish :_( “Sob sob
24. He gets married so that his parents can shut up
25. He gets married because his parents say that she is a nice girl
26. He gets married because he made her preganant
27. He gets married because the girl’s father will kill him if he doesn’t
28. He gets married so that the girl can get citizenship (and they normally divorce later so that the girl with her family can move on and has a better life.)
29. He gets married to his childhood sweetheart
30. The girl sweared that she will haunt him for life if he doesn’t marry her (and he is scared! Very scared!)

31. He gets married because he has always want to start a family
32. He gets married because he wants to spend his life-time with her
33. He gets married so that he can take good care of her
34. He marrys her so that she can escape from her own home
35. He marrys her just simply he loves her alot
36. And she loves him too
37. They get married because they are destined to. (It is fate at work! Or you can call it God’s work!)

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3 Responses to “37 Reasons Why Men get Married”

  1. 1
    Ruth@Recuperar Archivos Says:

    Wow! How many reasons! The list is great.. More to some people who decided to get married!
    Very good post! Greetings from bolivia..

  2. 2
    Tgirl Says:

    I can say that all the reasons are true. It is a nice collection. I would call it a guide. Thank you very much for this valuable information!

  3. 3
    Henry from Legal Separation Says:

    This made me laugh. The crazy thing is they are all probably true for someone out there.

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