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How To Manage Your House

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how to do housework

Okie, now you are newly-wed and you are really excited about your new home. Wow, 5 rooms and a big living room with a new suite of furniture that you are so proud of because you spent your entire year looking for it.

Now, your mommy is no longer staying with you and so who will be doing the housechores.

To make matters more complicated, your wife and you have never even swept the floor in your life before.

Some may exclaimed, “Let’s hire a maid.”

Not everyone can afford that especially now you have mountains of debts to pay after your wedding. Not forgetting that you still owe your mom US$25,000 for the splendid wedding you held in your dream wedding venue in your gorgeous Vera Wang’s designed wedding gown.

Oppps, you may had even spent US$2,000 just to decorate your wedding car.

So, having a domestic helper is not a solution.

For the first few days after you return from your honeymoon, it may be still be honeymoon period for both of you. However, with so much clothes to wash and iron, that is when conflict may arise if there is no settlement initially.

Traditionally, wifes should do all the housechores from cooking to ironing the clothes. However, times have changed and now there should be at least an even distribution of housework.

What about you wash the clothes and your husband iron them?

Sounds easy. Wait till you threw tantrum as you constantly refuse to do housework. You have never even touched a broom in your life.

This is not the marriage life of your dream!!!

Welcome to the reality of marriage.

Wait, don’t go. There are still more. Who is going to cook, wash the dishes, do marketing, sweep the floor, mob the floor, clean the windows and so on? (I can share another 100 more.)

The list is endless. Again, welcome to the real life of marriage.

You may grumble you are doing more than your husband and there is so much comparison. You spent half a day being really angry about the chores, that your husband is doing less and more probably and unknowingly, angry at yourself that this is not what you have wanted.

I do face the same challenge too. We have to sign a contract of who to do what.

Haha, not so serious to this extent but it is based on mutual trust. I can say that we are still learning to compromise and we are still learning. It is still a long way to go and we are still coping quite. It can be better.

So, at least learn to how to operate the vacuum cleaner from your father before getting married. It does help a bit in a small way.

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One Response to “How To Manage Your House”

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    john@Miele Canister Vacuum Says:

    We had a maid for awhile but what we realized is that most of the things we struggle with involve picking up – and we needed to pick up anyway before the maid came. So now we do all by ourselves. And yes, as the guy I do more than my share.

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