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37 Reasons Why Women Won’t Want to Get Married

It is not every woman out there wants to get married and walk down the aisle on her wedding day. There are some possible reasons I can think of why some women just refuse to get married.

37 Reasons Why Women Won’t Want to Get Married
1. She finds that all men are jerks
2. She is financially stable and can support herself
3. She has yet to find a suitable life-long partner
4. She wants to excel in her career
5. She hasn’t found one that resembles her dad
6. She has not found her prince charming – the exact one mom told her during bedtime stories when she was younger
7. She was traumatised by men before possible is a rape victim
8. She has low self-esteem
9. She never wants to date
10. She is too shy to look at any man in the eyes

11. She is too busy with her work
12. She has been told about unpleasant stories about men by her mom
13. She doesn’t want children
14. She still want her freedom and singlehood
15. She is unwell and doesn’t want to burden her future husband
16. She has yet to find out what she wants in life
17. She is afraid her husband may leave her just like what father did to mommy
18. She has been dumped for so many times till she is now sick and tired
19. She thinks she will be made used of by men
20. She hates men, literally

21. She is dying
22. She has a illness
23. She doesn’t like men
24. She prefers someone of the same gender
25. She feels the same gender is warmer and more sensitive to her needs
26. She is too kind-hearted and always give away her chances to her close female friends
27. She believes in what the fortune teller who once told her that she is not fated to be married and so she gave up on all men PLUS herself
28. She has too many close male friends and find men all the same
29. She fears that her husband may cheat on her
30. Her close female friends who are all divorcees told her all men are bastards

31. She decides she wants to single-handedly take care of her ailing parents
32. She just want kids but not the husbands (easily achievable by artifical insemination of sperms.)
33. She has wedding phobia and prefers to be a runaway bride
34. She doesn’t want to go through labour pain
35. She may have social phobia and this prevents her from socialising
36. She can’t forget the ex-boyfriend who dumps her and is hoping really hard that one day he will return to her side
37. She has yet to trust men

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