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You look dashing, dear… from Ju

He wears his spec everyday. He has no contact lenses and no intention of trying them.
Sandles+Shirts+bermudas = his attire = himself. Take out any 1 of those items from this equation, he looks weird.
He never dyes hair / highlight hair and totally disagrees with the idea of changing the hair color. His hair has been black from the day he was born. He believes being nature is beauty.

On 21June, he has done something he never did.

He DIDN’T WEAR SPEC – almost the whole day.
He DIDN’T WEAR SHIRTS+BERMS+SANDLES. Instead he wore shirts, tuexdo, pants, leather shoes.
He allowed the makeup artist to highlight his hair and most importantly, his hair went against the gravity. His 1st and ever new hairstyle -the korean actor’s hairstyle. @,@

How does he look like?

One word to sum up – DASHING!

He looks so dashing until his mom and auntie keeps screaming in excitement when they see the wedding album.

WAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah ren looks very handsome le!!!! …(flip to the next pg and still have the happy smille on their faces…) WAHHHHH….Smile very happily!!!! (flip…) WAHHHH… Very handsome!!! Looks like the Korean actor, Bae Yong Jun!!!! Poh-Poh will scream in excitement and joy when she sees this album!!!”

“Yes, I believe Poh-Poh will scream in excitement (like as if she sees her idol – Ricky Martin) that her grandson looks so dashing in the pictures.

My mother-in-law kept flipping the wedding album over and over again. Everytime she flips, she still has the happy smile on her face. It’s like as if her son has become a Korean actor.

How about my reaction to his new image?

2 thumbs up + my 2 big toes up! 😀

Dear, you look great, not only in pic but as a person too.

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One Response to “You look dashing, dear… from Ju”

  1. 1
    Esther Says:

    Hey, nice picture, you are handsome sia..
    yup, I also ask my bf look at ur pics..
    u took in NUS also right? Lolx~!

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