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Guo Da Li

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I have taken some photos for the Guo Da Li. Below are the photos of the customary items that I have bought:
(You can click on “+” and “-” to control the speed of the slides. Click on any image for the name of the item.)

I just had my Guo Da Li. We left home at 11am with my mother, aunt and uncle. We delivered the bride’s dowry.

The whole procedures lasted for about an hour. Upon departure of the guests, the bride’s mother will give ang pows (called “lai-si” in Cantonese) to the guests for good luck.

According to my own practice, I know that
The groom’s family has to give the following items to the bride’s family:
1. Pin-Jin (money) to be placed in a big envelope
2. Roasted Pig (but we substituted with ang pow)
3. Pig Trotters (in the form of ang pows)
4. Cake vouchers (in the form of ang pows)
5. 12 Oranges
6. Dragon and Phoenix Candles
7. 2 Bottles of Hard Liquor
8. Jewellery set

(Before you carry on reading, please check with your own family members about your own custom. The items and the quantity as described here is what our families do.)

The bride’s family has to return following items to the groom’s family:
1. Some ang pows with smaller value (part of the money from pin-jin will go into these ang pows)
2. 6 Oranges and 6 apples(even number)
3. A pair of Dragon and Phoenix Candles
4. 2 bottles of champagne or fruit juice
5. A new pair of pants (item can be substituted with ang pow)
6. A new pair of shoes (item can be substituted with ang pow)
7. 1 box of sweets

Items bride to bring back to groom’s house:
1. Toiletries (mugs, towels, toothbrushes, toothpastes, spitton tub (tan-pon)

You can view this post to find out where to get the customary items.

The other place you can go to is at Blk 452, Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 #01-1797. The name of the shop is called Ci Lin Trading. It is located just beside the market, opposite the temple along Avenue 10.

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