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Roles and Responsibilities of Wedding Helpers

Wedding day is the most important day of one’s life. After you have spent the entire year planning, of course you want everything on your BIG Day to go well.

As for me, I am thankful for my helpers who helped me really alot on my wedding day. My brothers helped me in things like munching chilli in the morning, to tying my shoelaces when the banquet coordinator was briefing me about the details to helping me coordinate my wedding dinner among all helpers.

In summary, if your wedding day is coming soon, do take note of these roles (These are the roles my helpers had during our wedding day):

For both bride and groom:
1. MCs (Master of Ceremony)
2. Banquet Coordinator
3. Drivers to ferry helpers around
4. A helper to bring clothings from home to hotel
5. A helper to take care of beverage
6. A helper to take care of slide/ video show and passing the audio cds to the banquet side
7. A helper to collect all the wedding favors
8. Receptionist
9. Photographer
10. A helper to coordinate table-to-table photo-taking

For bride:
1. A personal bridesmaid to take care of bride’s well-being

For groom:
1. A personal groomsman to take care of groom’s well-being

As for the roles stated above, they can be done by more than one person. It really depends on the comfort level of the helpers and it is up to them to take up just a role or up to 3 roles.

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One Response to “Roles and Responsibilities of Wedding Helpers”

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    jaydee@wedding photographer sussex Says:

    Speaking as a wedding photographer I would definitely advise on appointing a helper to help the photographer organise family members in group photo shoot sessions! If you’re a bride or groom it’s the last thing you want to be stressing you out on your big day, and us photographers really appreciate having someone helping us organise the guests!

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