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Back to blogging

Hmmm…have been thinking how to benefit future readers who are using my blog to get the necessary information that they want.

Info such as how to get the best deals from hotels, where to get wedding customary items in the least time and what to do for wedding customs and many more.

I think what I will do is blog on alternate topics, wedding and honey moon in order to satisfy the prior groups as well as friends who want to know how was my Korea trip.

From today onwards, this blog will be updated daily. So continue to read my blog. If you know the info will benefit any one, feel free to send them the link.

Though challenging. planning a wedding should be fun and smooth, especially when we are all working. So, I hope My Wedding Blog can continue to benefit as many people as possible.

OKie…off to get ready to sort my photos again…I took 1989 photos in Korea during those 12 days…

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