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Archive for December, 2006

Spent 1 WHOLE day unpacking our lugguages

Yesterday was Xmas eve and we started off our first day in our motherland unpacking our two gigantic lugguages.

Unpacking the dirty laundry, putting back all the toiletries, unused batteries and sorting all the gifts that we bought for friends, relatives as well as for ourselves.

Didn’t know that we started off at 10am in the morning and only finished unpacking at 6pm. When I look around me right now, there are still some loose items strewn around in different corners of my house, and not forgetting the clothes that are hung out to dry. (please don’t rain today; if not, my winter sweaters can’t dry.)

Below are all the things we have bought from Korea, Seoul and Jeju.

Though it was my second time back to Korea, this country has never failed to continue to amaze and intrigue me. A shopping paradise for ladies in deed and a beautiful place for an avid photographer to take photos.

Here are the cosmetic items that my wife bought from shops like “The Face Shop”, “Skin Food” & “Missha”.
There are also authentic ear-rings that I have never seen in Singapore. Not cheap though. At least S$50 for a pair…but I guessed it is the worksmanship that matches the price of the ear-rings.

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Now is 12.44am …and We are just back from Honey moon

We have just reached home from our 12 days Korea trip. It is our honey moon. One of the most unforgettable event that happened was we were trapped in heavy snowing (-4 degree celsius) with strong winds and we couldn’t get a cab back to our hotel. It was 2.45am in the street of Dongdameum.

I will blog more about my honey moon soon and so watch out for my blog. Meanwhile, all I need is a good rest…>.< good night

Honeymoon…will resume blogging on 24/12 (Sunday)

We will be off to our honeymoon till 24/12 (Sunday). My apologies for not able to blog till then but I promise to come back with more stories…

In fact, I have better posts for all of you when I return:

1. Will post a wedding schedule template after I tidy up mine. It will have columns on exact things to do and columns to reflect “who to do what by when and what is the quantity of the items

2. More negotiation techniques to get more perks from hotel. How we manage to get FREE CORKAGES FOR ALL 40 bottles of wine and 2 HELPERS’ ROOMS instead of 1.

3. Things to look out for as a bride/ groom during the wedding day PLUS HOW TO Check our emotional state so that we stayed calm and pretty/ handsome.

Sorry, I really need to go. Yet to pack my lugguages and I still need to make a trip to Chinatown (People’s Park Complex) to exchange money.

The current exchange rate is about S$1 = 600 korean won.

Bye for now….do come back to my blog for more updates >.< meanwhile best wishes for ALL December grooms and brides!!!

Wedding day…2 am till 8am…before the groom leaves for the bride’s house

The last post that I had was done 2 days ago. The anxiety, excitement and nervousness that I had was hard to be described. The feelings that was swarming inside gave me another sleepless night.

On 10/12 (Sunday) 3am, I was still awake. Still tossling in bed at 3.45am. Oh my, I am going to look like a pand groom. @.@

At 6.25am, 5 minutes before my alarm clock rang, Normally, I have the tendency to try to sleep till even the very last few seconds. Today was different. I immediately woke up even though I still have about 5 minutes more.

I saw all the lights on the house. My mom was busy preparing setting up the “dragon and phoenix” candles, making tea and cutting the cakes for breakfast for us as well as the guests.
I quickly bathed and get dressed up by 7am. My first brother arrived at 7am. Subsequently, all arrive by 8am and we had a shot before we go out.

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Now is 1.25am and I’m….

Now is already 1.25am and Im trying to write a poem for my fiancee… I know I can’t sing and I can’t sleep now. :p so let me write something…

today is my big day and I won’t be blogging till Monday…so please bear with me…and be patient and I will try to post some photos of our wedding day on Monday…meanwhile..let me continue to write… 😀