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Honeymoon…will resume blogging on 24/12 (Sunday)

We will be off to our honeymoon till 24/12 (Sunday). My apologies for not able to blog till then but I promise to come back with more stories…

In fact, I have better posts for all of you when I return:

1. Will post a wedding schedule template after I tidy up mine. It will have columns on exact things to do and columns to reflect “who to do what by when and what is the quantity of the items

2. More negotiation techniques to get more perks from hotel. How we manage to get FREE CORKAGES FOR ALL 40 bottles of wine and 2 HELPERS’ ROOMS instead of 1.

3. Things to look out for as a bride/ groom during the wedding day PLUS HOW TO Check our emotional state so that we stayed calm and pretty/ handsome.

Sorry, I really need to go. Yet to pack my lugguages and I still need to make a trip to Chinatown (People’s Park Complex) to exchange money.

The current exchange rate is about S$1 = 600 korean won.

Bye for now….do come back to my blog for more updates >.< meanwhile best wishes for ALL December grooms and brides!!!

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One Response to “Honeymoon…will resume blogging on 24/12 (Sunday)”

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    Zulu Says:

    Found ur blogspot one but apparently u guys have moved 🙂 Kinda wondering, if you guys going for honeymoon, means u are married right? but how come the info on the tickercentral.com says only 1 years 11 months and 3 weeks and 3 days until our wedding? does that mean u guys go for honeymoon first then later on will get married? hehe but i guess the tickercentral.com is wrong? as i saw many wedding pictures already

    Congrats! and happy honeymoon!!!!

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