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Archive for October, 2006

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The Wedding Photos from my Friends

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6 hours of wedding shopping

Today it is back to work. Yesterday had been a fruitful expedition to buy wedding accessories and necessities.

In the morning, we paid respect to my father and my fiancee’s grandma. These are hard and happy times for us as we remembered the people who love us alot and yet, they couldn’t possibly attend our wedding. They can only look from heaven and give us our blessings. Or they can appear as angels in our dreams and guide us along. Or they may appear as a stranger and become our guardian angels, even for a moment, to make sure we are safe.

Yesterday, we celebrated that I handed all my assignments, projects and term paper. Could you imagine you are working full-time, studying half-time, preparing your wedding, and at the same time trying to adjust change of life-stages from a boy in the mom’s eyes, a boyfriend in my girl friend’se eyes, a single man and the little boy in my own’s eyes to still a boy in my mom’s eyes, a husband in my wife’s eyes and a responsible and committed husband to my wife in my own eyes?

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Our Wedding-Prep Task for Today

We will be going to buy mattress cover and check out the prices for winter clothings. >.<

Kiss – Because I am woman Once Upon A Day

“If life must take away my sight, please allow me to see you for the last time. And let your beautiful face be imprinted in my memory forever. >.<"

“Without you, I can’t move forward. If you go, bring me along. I will follow you till wherever you go.”

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