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6 hours of wedding shopping

Today it is back to work. Yesterday had been a fruitful expedition to buy wedding accessories and necessities.

In the morning, we paid respect to my father and my fiancee’s grandma. These are hard and happy times for us as we remembered the people who love us alot and yet, they couldn’t possibly attend our wedding. They can only look from heaven and give us our blessings. Or they can appear as angels in our dreams and guide us along. Or they may appear as a stranger and become our guardian angels, even for a moment, to make sure we are safe.

Yesterday, we celebrated that I handed all my assignments, projects and term paper. Could you imagine you are working full-time, studying half-time, preparing your wedding, and at the same time trying to adjust change of life-stages from a boy in the mom’s eyes, a boyfriend in my girl friend’se eyes, a single man and the little boy in my own’s eyes to still a boy in my mom’s eyes, a husband in my wife’s eyes and a responsible and committed husband to my wife in my own eyes?

Hmmmm..are you confused about what I’m taking about?

I’m just saying I’m very aware of the pscyhosocial, emotional changes in me and my environment.

Ok…back to the celebration. We had our lunch at Sakae Sushi in Junction 8. We had beef sukiyaki (steamboat), hana maki (rice wrapped with thick salmon), pumpkin chanwamushi (steam egg) and a couple of plates of raw fish sushi. It was a treat I gave to myself.


It was a time of celebrating how I have successfully survived (and still surviving) for the past 10 months of tremendous stress from everywhere in my life.

We had 1 hour of lunch at a relaxing manner. No point rushing after having rushed my life for the past 10 months. Rushing work, projects, fulfilling my weekly task of wedding preparation…and many more.

My mom gave me S$100 Isetan voucher and we bought our King-size mattress cover set. It was S$100 and the present discounted price is S$49.90. We bought 2 sets for many reasons, one of which to keep for future use and the other reason being making use of the offer. We chose purple and pink.

Later, we went to Vivocity. It is newly open super-mart that housed at least a 100 shops in two levels and has the size of two soccer fields. We wanted to buy winter clothings.

Ju’s aunty had kindly sponsored our winter coats for our honey moonon. Not cheap. The receipt wrotes S$515 at the end of the shopping.

We bought:
1. 2 Down jackets ($159 each)
2. 1 acrylic scarf ($18.90)
3. 1 acrylic knitted hat ($14.90)
4. 2 pairs of wool Long jones ($59 each)
5. 1 pair of leather gloves ($29)
6. 1 wool sweater ($59 )
7. 1 Chenille hat ($13.90)

I would like to comment the staff at Vivocity provided us with excellent service. We were clueless of what to buy. The staff attended to us with patience while we spent 1 hour just to choose the Down Jackets (the puffy jackets that made me look like a penguin if you have a 950 degree eye sight and see me from far.)

Another staff showed us how to choose Long Jones, scarf, sweater, gloves, hat and so on. No grumble, no complaint, no frown. 100% patience while he attended to us. It was a 2-hour shopping experience coupled with educational trip.

We even have 2 stash bags to keep our Down jackets. Bonus…not very expensive but it ended our shopping trip with satisfactory.

By the time, I reached home, I fell onto the bed and slept.

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