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1 more month to my wedding and I am feeling…

I am feeling a mixture of feelings. Anxious, excited, uneasy, in high spirit, low, on cloud nine…confused?

It is really tough for me to juggle more than 3 major things in mind while planning and coordinating my wedding. I’m so glad that my course is coming to an end soon, but here come my reservist for 3 weeks.

I’m truly grateful to people around me and they have offered help and support. I’m thankful that most of the things have been done.
Tomorrow, my mom will be bringing my fiancee to buy jewellery. In Chinese custom, the mother-in-law of the fiancee has to buy her a gift. My fiancee is a decent girl with good upbringing. She has offered to treat my mom and aunty lunch at a japanese restaurant.

At night, we will be going to see the edited wedding photos at the bridal studio. Plus, one of my groomsmen will be trying his coat which will be worn?during my wedding dinner.

Walking through these 10 months of wedding preparation was not easy. In fact, there are some aspects of our lives resembles our boat is still rocking in the stormy sea. The haze is long gone but not some misunderstanding that has recently erupted.

Between me and my fiancee, I have learnt to love her more, cherish her more, understand her better and respect her more. There are times I want it my way but after considering the fact that?whatever we are doing is for the best of both of us, I gave way.

I apologised when I am wrong. Apology doesn’t make a man weaker; it makes him more humble and stronger.

I cherish her more because our time together is so limited. Ten years, twenty more years, fifty more years…I will still remember her smile today.

Respect her because I see more of her strengths than her weakness. I have weaknesses too but she never did criticise or blame me. I must learn to acknowledge her strengths more.

Walking through these 10 months is only a step out of the million of foot steps we are going to walk together.

It is never easy. Who says it is easy for two people of different values, beliefs and up-bringings to stay together? Even best of friends quarrel or get into fights.

There is still so much for us to learn. There is lots more for me to learn. My friend has encouraged me to take marital preparation course. It is only 3 days. But being married and going through is a journey of a lifetime.


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