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Lunch at the Japanese Restaurant and Purchase of wedding gift

Today, my fiancee invited us?lunch. It was a sumptuous and satisfying lunch with Japanese cuisine served. You get what I mean when?you see the photos we took.?


The Prok Belly that lterally melt in my mouth. For those who love fatty meat, it is a must to try.

Cheese and Tofu?coated with Salmon


Curry Bento Set

A photo to make your mouth water. :D_

This restaurant is the Japanese restaurant located at Basement 1 of Takashimaya Shopping Centre along Orchard Road (Singapore). It is the innermost restaurant, right after Cold Storage.

Afetr the lunch, we went to shop for my fiancee’s gift. According to Chinese custom, my mother has to buy a gift for my fiancee. It may amount to thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Rich families may even spent hundred of thousands of dollars on this splendid gift, which marks the entry of the bride into the family.

We visited Poh Heng. But the design for white gold is limited. However, they have a wide selection of gold jewellery. An ideal place for mother to purchase for their daughters who are getiing married.

We hopped down to Wisma Atria. We first went to Gold Heart. The jewellery were unique but very expensive. The price is a stepp S$8000. Erhhh…too expensive and we couldn’t afford it.

Next, we went back to Lee Hwa. Good to feel at home. We met the sales people who served as Shaun and Keegan. But they are busy? doing their own things, one counting stocks and the other serving another couple who had just bought their wedding rings.

There is a new lady who served as. She is abit on the quiet side for a frontline staff. I think she is new and still learning. Shaun is more of like an educator when we first met him to ask about what type of wedding rings to buy. He is a trainee too, but doesn’t look like one. He seems to have the knowledge.

(Read here for my shopping of wedding ring experience)

We spent 2 hours again in Lee Hwa and completed our purchase. We bough a necklace and a pair of matching earrings.

Due to closure of direct link from Orchard MRT to Wisma Atria, there is intensive promotion of shops at Basement 1. It is now quieter and business had dropped. We had more than 30 pieces of lucky draw coupons to fill in and were given shopping vouchers that only allow purchase at that basement. We were dead tired after that.


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2 Responses to “Lunch at the Japanese Restaurant and Purchase of wedding gift”

  1. 1
    Edwin Says:

    Wow…yummy! Can I have some too?

  2. 2
    TOFUmonkey Says:

    wah, you eat alot leh!

    getting married soon rite?
    still eat so much.

    sekali your wife cannot squeeze in the gown den how? den it’ll be your fault, whether it’s really true or not! hahahaha. 😀

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