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Going Home for Dinner

You know it has been really natural for some couples to return to the in-laws’ place regulalry for meals and simple get-together.

I know some dreaded in going back as it seemed to be poor torture.

As for me, it was initally like that.

Now, I in fact enjoyed going back.

It was a relieving sight to see the whole family get together and have a simple meal.

We just had one and both parents-in-law were very happy.

There was alot of laughter and joy and the dinner time was a bliss.

In the past, I could frankly tell you that it was absolute discomfort for me to sit at the dining table for 2 hours.

Never in my life have I had such a long dinner.

Most of the time, I just need at most half-an-hour to eat and it was everyone’s business to move on what they will be doing. Some will watch TV programmes. Others will sleep.

For me, coming into this new family is also getting used to the family practice and culture.

Staying back at the dining table (even though all dishes are cleared) for a little while longer is a common practice and there was alot of catching up among all of us.

Of course, sometimes we would talk about good old days and even back till the times we were young children.

I think going back home (my new home) has enabled me to learn many things.

Beside learning to embrace any set of family beliefs and cultures, it also taught me to cherish the little time we had for one another.

Though the time spent for dinner was really short, I can sense that it was quality time spent and my in-laws do look forward to have us back home again for another family time.

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