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Is This The Worst Wedding Scenario?

sad bride
photo from amorelavivre

You have heard about sad wedding songs? And have you heard about sad bride stories?

Here is one I learnt when I was providing online email support for my readers.

There is this story of a bride I know and she was not a very happy bride.

When her boyfriend proposed to her, she was the happiest angel on earth.

She started to be really busy arranging appointments to meet wedding photographer, hotel and even planning her honeymoon.

She was looking forward to the most beautiful day of her life.

The funny thing was she was planning her wedding all by herself.

What was actually happening?

The groom was not involved in fact. Or I should say he preferred not to get involved much.

He was “busy”, really busy spending time by himself and doing things he like to do. He was addicted to computer games.

However, all these mini-obstacles didn’t deter the bride from planning. It was her wedding after all. She wanted to do her best.

But the groom continued not to be involved and the bride continued to do everything by herself. The stress in the bride increased till so much that she couldn’t cope.

So, eventually the bride got into depression and started drinking at the pub regularly.

It was not easy for the bride, as I spoke to her over the phone.

She was crying on the phone and I knew it saddened her for the fact that the groom didn’t help much.

In the end, the bride couldn’t take it any more and the wedding was gone – and so was their relationship.

In the end, she was not always a sad bride. The last time I called her she was well, or at least she sounded well.

But I know it was not easy, to be thrown into from the rainbow to a deep dark pit.

No one wants this to happen to her own wedding. Do you?

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One Response to “Is This The Worst Wedding Scenario?”

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    monaco Says:

    who cares? i can’t even have the girl i love

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