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No Money? 5 Ways On How To Save For Your Wedding!

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Finding it hard to accept the fact that your saving account is depleting? It is normal.

I have found it hard to accept the fact that my hard-earned savings are being drained.

Just how come wedding costs such boom? Isn’t there any way that can help me spend less?

It was only after my wedding, I have discovered 5 ways which can help you to save more money.

If you are still scratching your head to find out how to cut corners from your wedding expenses, fret no more. I recommend these methods to you and you should be able to save up to a few thousands or even have your wedding for free.

Imagine a sponsored wedding? Hmmm, not bad. =)

1. Take away your wedding invitation cards

Have you heard of “save the earth”? As technology advances, wedding is veering towards paperless. Let’s save the trees!

Suggested steps:

  • Consolidate the emails of all your guests.
  • Sign up for a free email account such as Gmail or Yahoo! mail.
  • Put all the emails in a group called “My guests” so that you can email all of them in one shot.
  • Email the guests details of the wedding and tell them to R.S.V.P by email.
  • You can even send a reminder to them to be punctual 3 days before your wedding day.
  • Send them a thank you note after your wedding. Your guests will appreciate it.

2. Barter trade with the wedding vendors

I’m foolish to pay what ever amount that the bridal package costs. It is then I realised that I can get something else which the bridal services need but can’t get.

All these services are always looking at advertising and advertisements are very expensive.

To be named in the bridal magazines can help to bring in new customers.

Suggested steps:

  • Write to a bridal magazine that you are getting married and you want to share your story.
  • Most bridal magazines will grant you an email interview as they are always looking for bridal stories to write.
  • Tell the wedding vendor about this and you will particularly stressed in the article that you are using their services and guarantee their company name will appear in the story.
  • And because of this “free” advertising which is worth few thousands dollars, barter trade it with a bridal package of same value in retail price.
  • Repeat this with other wedding services you need such as photographer, videographer.
  • And you get a bridal package without paying a single cent.

3. Pay for just what you have used

In wedding, there is always a need to bring in alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine and hard liquor.

I realised many wedding couples tend to purchase more than what they need and they end up spending more than what they need to.

What happens to the unfinished bottles? They either bring them home or give to their guests.

So how can you ensure this does not happen to you?

Suggested steps:

  • Work out with the wine vendor a consignment.
  • Tell them that you will take more bottles first and only pay for those that you used.
  • Normally, vendors are fine with this idea and they would gladly give you more bottles, hoping that you will use up all of them.

4. Do-it-yourself wedding gifts

Due to tight schedule, not many brides and grooms make their own wedding gifts. They use money to solve their problems and buy instead.

Though buying is convenient, there is no personal touch as gifts look commercialised.

You can do one easily if you put your heart and soul to it.

Suggested steps:

  • Make a simple wedding gift filled with personal notes.
  • You just need an hour to write a letter filled with your emotions, thoughts before your wedding day.
  • Get a nice envelope and seal it with your kiss, literally.

I think this is the best gift as it is filled with personal touch. Plus, both of you can read them together on your first wedding anniversary and recall the special moments.
5. Borrow everything from friends

Borrowing has always been the best idea to cut costs. Anyway, what you buy for your wedding day will be left to collect dust once after your wedding day.

You can borrow many things from physical items, such as ribbons, hair accessories to intangible items like photography skills, event-hosting skills and wedding coordination skills.

Your friends are your greater resources and they are as excited as you over your big day.

Suggested steps:

  • List the number of things you need for your wedding, from various accessories to different roles for your wedding helpers.
  • Have a column with who can help me with this.
  • Then, you can start filling in names as you go down the list.
  • Be sincere in asking for help and if they say “no”, just thank them and ask someone else.

These are just some of the recommended steps on how to save for your wedding. There are mote money-saving tips in my wedding planning guide book.

So how do you cut down on your wedding expenses? I would love to hear from you. =)

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