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Archive for February, 2008

No Money? 5 Ways On How To Save For Your Wedding!

Fun Bridesmaids
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Finding it hard to accept the fact that your saving account is depleting? It is normal.

I have found it hard to accept the fact that my hard-earned savings are being drained.

Just how come wedding costs such boom? Isn’t there any way that can help me spend less?

It was only after my wedding, I have discovered 5 ways which can help you to save more money.

If you are still scratching your head to find out how to cut corners from your wedding expenses, fret no more. I recommend these methods to you and you should be able to save up to a few thousands or even have your wedding for free.

Imagine a sponsored wedding? Hmmm, not bad. =)
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4 Must Know Ways To Keep Your Sanity While Planning Your Wedding

Wedding Stress Problems
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Learning about wedding planning has always been steep. The learning curve is really steep.

It is just like giving you a text-book for a new module and wanting you to sit for exam in 3 months’ time.

Everything is hasty. Time is short. And there is so much to learn. And the worst thing is that we do not know what we don’t know.

Do you know everything you need to plan for your wedding?

Even if you know, do you know how to go about doing it in the most effective manner, taking into consideration that you do not have much time left.

I know you need to work, some need to study and others need to take up 2 jobs at least for financial reasons.
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3 Wedding Stress Problems After Your Wedding

Wedding Stress Problems
photo from daffodilious

Who says wedding problems and stress will disappear after your wedding day?

No one says it and we all assume they will.

It is not easy to admit we have wedding stress. To admit only means that we are weaklings – weaklings who can’t even cope with our wedding day.

I’m not weakling and I dare admit that I do have wedding stress.

In fact, stress after wedding is normally accumulated before wedding and it is many times, we are still not able to cope.
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Top 5 Triggers That You Will Have For Wedding

bride laughter
photo from rachel-b

Wedding is a happy day. And behind all the smiles and laughters, who knows what is going on inside a bride’s mind and heart?

Let me ask you a question?

Have you ever lost someone and you just hope that someone will attend your wedding?

For me, I lost my dad when I was 14 years old. On my wedding day, I just really hope that he will turn up.

Though he is not there physically, the memory still lives on.

It is a trigger of my past.

So what sort of triggers you will have for your wedding?
* * * * * *
1. How I hope my dad is here?
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5 Tips On How To Handle Wedding Stress

happy couple
photo from meganpru

Whether you like it or not, stress will come and haunt you while you are happily preparing for your big day.

Initally you may not be aware of it.

You will feel a little overwhelmed when you first sit down and start planning your wedding checklist.

Then while looking at the tremendous number of tasks to do (from inviting the guests to making your own wedding invitation cards), you will tell yourself “I think I can do it.”

As months passed, and your energy is drained due to the amount of work and sapped by the people around you (mostly by your mother-in-law), you find yourself feeling tired and listless and maybe even scared.

And worse, your fiance is not supportive and doesn’t provide a listening ear. All he just says is “Don’t worry.”

You feel unheard and you are going to break down now, if not soon.

Have you ever felt this way before?

We all had this experience and it is normal to feel it.

The “secrets” to not breaking down is to be aware of your wedding stress and know how to handle your wedding stress.

* * * * * *

1. Talk it out to someone who listens
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