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3 Wedding Stress Problems After Your Wedding

Wedding Stress Problems
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Who says wedding problems and stress will disappear after your wedding day?

No one says it and we all assume they will.

It is not easy to admit we have wedding stress. To admit only means that we are weaklings – weaklings who can’t even cope with our wedding day.

I’m not weakling and I dare admit that I do have wedding stress.

In fact, stress after wedding is normally accumulated before wedding and it is many times, we are still not able to cope.

Only we have learnt about stress-relieving techniques which I shared in this wedding planning guide, then we can avoide all those hair-tearing days and stressful nights without sleep.

So what are the wedding stress problems that will still follow you into your marriage life.
* * * * * *
1. Financially Exploded and Bledding!

Finance has always been the number one problem for me. Ok! I still own my mother a huge sum of money which she had kindly lent me for our wedding preparation.

During wedding preparation, if you don’t own a bank, don’t get married.

Hehe, just kidding. What I really meant is that you got to have savings and lots of them to pay off your wedding expenses!

I can share with you that the first year after my wedding day, I got really stressed in wanting to pay off all my loans. I pasted this big paper on my study room wall to remind myself to do this.

And that is one of the reasons I’m working and building my business.

I don’t think my meagre pay can pay off the loan and still plan for a family.

So, career-building stress coupled with work stress made me more stress.

So who says there is no wedding stress after your wedding day?
* * * * * *
2. Making Babies & Planning For My Family!

I think it is really normal for relatives and colleagues to naturally ask you this question after your wedding.

Would you like to make a wild guess?

Yes! “When are you going to have babies?”

Yes! It is so natural! And I know that we are into one year of our marriage life.

Hmmm, interestingly I thought we just got married yesterday and the memory is still so fresh in my mind.

I have counted I have been asked ten times out of the 10 times I met my relatives.

I am assuming this could be the easiest-to-use ice-breaker. You know, you haven’t seen your relative for quite some time and it has been like a cliche – “oh, when you are going to have babies”?

I am definitely stressed, not because of family-planning, but because of their constant asking.

Yes, aunties and uncles, we have plans. We got to plan to at least have enough savings and possibly enough money for me to retire so that I can take care of my children myself.

I want to be a house husband – to be there for my children everyday, every moment of their lives.

House-husband, here I come!
* * * * * *
3. Don’t Steal My Time With My Wife!

Time is so tight especially when you have a family.

You need to set aside time for work, entreprenuership, family, wife, parents and next time, kids.

Everyone of us only has 24 hours a day and how can I manage my time so that I set aside enough time to do what I want?

My work takes up my time from 9am to 6pm. 2 hours each night is definitely set aside to accompany my wife, be it chatting, catching up with each other over a day of work, taking a walk, discussing work’s problems and providing suggested solutions.

In fact, I find that there are so much conversation topics to talk about and how come some couples said that they have nothing to chat about.

Hmmm, really strange!

Now, I learnt to toss away newspapers’ reading, and I only check emails twice a day and only answering important emails.

I define “important” as in emails that can give the receiver the power to settle the matter on my behalf. And now I outsource some of my article writing and design work to my team in Africa and States respectively.

I need to free up time to do things that I enjoy doing. And it takes alot of discipline and constant self-reminder to do that.

It is not easy and if you are doing the same thing as me, kudos to you and welcome to my world. =)

So in summary, the common after-wedding stress to be mentally prepared for are

  • Management of Your Finance
  • When are you going to have babies, har?
  • Management of Family Time

*So what are the problem you have experienced after your wedding? Or what problem you think you will have after your wedding? We love to hear from you in the comments below.

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