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Top 5 Triggers That You Will Have For Wedding

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Wedding is a happy day. And behind all the smiles and laughters, who knows what is going on inside a bride’s mind and heart?

Let me ask you a question?

Have you ever lost someone and you just hope that someone will attend your wedding?

For me, I lost my dad when I was 14 years old. On my wedding day, I just really hope that he will turn up.

Though he is not there physically, the memory still lives on.

It is a trigger of my past.

So what sort of triggers you will have for your wedding?
* * * * * *
1. How I hope my dad is here?

As I have said, how I wish my dad was at my wedding.

Likewise for my friends who had lost their parents, they would think likewise too.

Especially for brides, they would love their real father to walk them down the aisle in the church.

That kind of feeling can be heavy. It is something that a person who still have both parents, won’t understand.
* * * * * *
2. I miss my grandparents

It has always been my wife’s wish that her grandma attended her wedding. But she elft us one year earlier.

I feel that it could be almost all grandparents’ dream to attend their grandchildren’s weddings.

They have always wanted the best for their grandchildren.

It was not easy for us either, especially my wife. Our big day could have been so much different with her around, giving us her blessings.

But we always believe that she will still give us our blessings while at God’s side.
* * * * * *
3. I want my dog to be the ring bearer but now it’s gone.

My cousin’s ring bearer is her Golden Retriever and her dog appeared as many times as the groom in their wedding photos.

Look how important the dog is in her family!

So, now dog or other pets like cats can have roles in your wedding day.

And while looking forward to the day that your pet plays a big role in your big day, suddenly it died.

It is indeed sad. The bride will cry. The groom will be sad. It is not easy for them, especially on their wedding day which their pet can attend.
* * * * * *
4. Why my in-laws are so hard to please?

This is a big trigger! Behind every happy bride, there is a sad story.

Throughout the wedding planning, some unhappy things will ought to happen, such as disagreement between the couples and the in-laws.

We might have choose the different color which our in-laws dislike.

We might have carried out somethings which our in-laws had disagreed on.

We might have done everything right which in our in-laws’ eyes are wrong totally.

It is not easy to please everyone and there is no need to. Just do what you think is right and make yourself and your groom happy.
* * * * * *
5. Erhh..isn’t this my second wedding … or third!

Remarriage is getting common nowadays as we speak.

Though it is a fresh wedding with a new husband, different aspects of your wedding day will definitely remind you of your past experience with your ex.

It is ok to admit to yourself that you remember those old times.

We are all human. We can’t erase our memories with a push of the button.

As long as we live, our memories are here to stay.

Maybe your child from the previous is attending your wedding. Maybe you see your ex-husband among the invited guest to your wedding. Maybe your previous in-laws are there too.

It is impossible to block out these triggers.

We are humans and we are easily emotionally triggered.

Just enjoy your wedding day and enjoy every happy moment that you have!

*What are the triggers you have experienced in your wedding? We love to hear from you in the comments below.

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