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Wedding Taboos Part 6: Having Sex at The Wrong Place

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sex at the wrong place

Being very conservative Asian Chinese, our parents still do not share much about sex education with us.

And the children are expected to be taught in schools through science or some sexual education or they can figure out themselves while growing up and doing sexual experiment.

Parents still avoid talking about sex and they push the responsibilty to each other. Most parents even denied the existence of sex, letting their kids find out themselves.

Until one day it is too late and somebody gets someone preganant, this is when the dad may screamed “Don’t you know what is a condom?”

Oh, this is too late and “thanks” dad for the info.

I’m not sure if Chinese find it to be dirty and even disrespectful discussing about such topics. Disrespectful may even mean towards the gods.

I have heard about taboos of not having sex on the 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar as well as during eclipses, thunderstorms, typhoons and other extreme weather conditions.
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Wedding Taboos Part 5: Making noise in the newly-wed room

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dancing groom

Have you heard of your friends wanting to party in your room after the wedding dinner?

Some of the more sensitive friends may give excuse not to party till so late as the wedding couples have proper “business” to handle that first married night.

The real reason is everyone is dog tired after one whole year of wedding preparation.

One can only think of having a good rest after the wedding dinner.

There is even no energy for hanky-panky or even sex.

The older Chinese generation think otherwise. The honeymoon suite must be filled with liveliness and noise that night. It is a taboo to have a quiet and empty room.

They believe that having a party inside the room can bring in greater wealth and prosperity for the couples.

This kind of party means, not a mas orgy, but with many people around celebrating and partying.

Despite the fact that they have such names like “teasing the bride” or “merry-making in the room”, it only meant for the good of the couples.

Normally, the younger generation will think of naughty games to tease the newly wed by playing naughty games and asking the couples embarrasing questions such as you know what.
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Wedding Taboos Part 4: Is this your 3rd time being bridesmaid?

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bridesmaids helping bride

Some ladies jump at every opportunity to be bridesmaids. Some need to carefully think about it for some time before they commit to the task.

Here, we are seeing 2 different types of bridesmaids.

From experience, we were lucky that my wife’s bridesmaids were very committed and responsible. Part of the smooth running of our wedding was because the bridesmaids ensured that the wedding day schedule was followed closely.

Even, some male friends were asked to be “bridesmaids” and they were very helpful in being drivers as well as helpers in other aspects.

For the first type of bridesmaids who always self-nominate themselves, it is quite pssoibly some may want to use such opportunity to flaunt themselves and even over-shadow the brides.

Thus, there is a taboo being created to restrain wannabe brides: the bridesmaids must not be more beuatiful than the bride.

However, this is not to mean in physical aspect but it actually meant that the bridesmaids must try not to have too heavy make-up or to wear too revealing clothes.
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Wedding Taboos Part 3: Walking Under Pants

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chinese wedding card
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According to Chinese wedidng customs, it is always ideal for the elder brother to get married first, followed by the younger ones.

However, there will be times when the younger brother get married first. It is unrealistic for him to forgo his wedding plan just because his elder brother has yet to find his ideal life partner.

In such circumstances, the elder brother has to “give way” to the younger siblings and let them tie the knots before him.

There is a ritual that the younger brother or sister had to crawl under the elder brother’s pants before stepping out of the house.

The significance of it is to show the approval of the marriage by the elder brother and the younger sibling could then be happily married rather than openly resented.
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Wedding Taboos Part 2: Compatibility of Chinese Horoscopes

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chinese horoscope

According to the Chinese horoscopes, we have 12 animals signs. And depending on which year each of us is born in, we have a different horoscope sign.

There was a belief that two dragons cannot be staying together as they are both very fierce and domineering and will not give way to others.

There were also other beliefs that a wife with “Tiger” sign as her horoscope will be always bullying her husband who is a “Chicken”.

Nowadays, people date not based on their horoscopes, but most probably love at first sight or after getting to know each other better.

In ancient China, people used 6 pairings of horoscopes as guidelines for couples who wish to get married.

The incompatible ones are Rat and Horse, Ox and Ram, Tiger and Monkey, Rabbit and Rooster, DDragon and Dog and lastly Snake and Pig.

The reason is simply because of “clashing” horoscopes and the married couples won’t have a “good” married life.
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