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Wedding Taboos Part 5: Making noise in the newly-wed room

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Have you heard of your friends wanting to party in your room after the wedding dinner?

Some of the more sensitive friends may give excuse not to party till so late as the wedding couples have proper “business” to handle that first married night.

The real reason is everyone is dog tired after one whole year of wedding preparation.

One can only think of having a good rest after the wedding dinner.

There is even no energy for hanky-panky or even sex.

The older Chinese generation think otherwise. The honeymoon suite must be filled with liveliness and noise that night. It is a taboo to have a quiet and empty room.

They believe that having a party inside the room can bring in greater wealth and prosperity for the couples.

This kind of party means, not a mas orgy, but with many people around celebrating and partying.

Despite the fact that they have such names like “teasing the bride” or “merry-making in the room”, it only meant for the good of the couples.

Normally, the younger generation will think of naughty games to tease the newly wed by playing naughty games and asking the couples embarrasing questions such as you know what.

This party will most probably last till after midnight.

According to the Chinese legend, there are evil beasts and demons in the room and the noise is meant to scare them away. By having many people around, the “yang” energy will increase dramatically and mishaps can be prevented.

Interestingly, mishap includes poking the wrong hole.

Again, not anyone can be in the party gang. There are some types of people who are banned.

They include widows, paternal aunt, nuns, pregnant ladies, people in the mourning, those who are born in the year of Tiger and anyone with clashing horoscopes.

This is just to prevent negative energy from those who have suffered ill fate from affecting the wedding couples. Again, for the pregnant ladies, they are carrying “little person” which is seen as a malicious spirit that inflicts bad luck upon others.

Those with incompatible horoscopes may affect the luck and bliss of the newly-married couples.

Usually, putting aside all these beliefs, there is always a fun party after the wedding dinner. This is meant to thank the helpers who have helped in the wedding-planning and everyone has a good reason to celebrate the togetherness of the bride and groom.

Sometimes, things may get uncontrolled and kinky. And this is what it is about.

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