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Wedding Taboos Part 6: Having Sex at The Wrong Place

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sex at the wrong place

Being very conservative Asian Chinese, our parents still do not share much about sex education with us.

And the children are expected to be taught in schools through science or some sexual education or they can figure out themselves while growing up and doing sexual experiment.

Parents still avoid talking about sex and they push the responsibilty to each other. Most parents even denied the existence of sex, letting their kids find out themselves.

Until one day it is too late and somebody gets someone preganant, this is when the dad may screamed “Don’t you know what is a condom?”

Oh, this is too late and “thanks” dad for the info.

I’m not sure if Chinese find it to be dirty and even disrespectful discussing about such topics. Disrespectful may even mean towards the gods.

I have heard about taboos of not having sex on the 1st and 15th of the lunar calendar as well as during eclipses, thunderstorms, typhoons and other extreme weather conditions.

sex at the wrong place

Those who may wish to carry on “may be punished by their gods” for being disrespectful.

Not sure if this sounds weird, but do not have quickies in temples or near coffins. Women who are pregnant, in confinement or menstruating shouldn’t make love either.

Ancient Chinese find that women to have negative energy and if they still do it anyway, bad luck will befall on her and her husband.

What about other times when sex should be discouraged?

What about when you are moody or angry?

However, some ladies may debate that sex help them to destress and even drive their headaches away.

However, if there are times that you may not be in the mood to do it and your partner wants to get intimate anyway, you may want to consider the old excuse “Not tonigh honey. I am tired/ I got a very bad headache.”

One more interesting note to share with you. For husbands, don’t bathe immediately after making love as there is a belief that eventually the man’s “hot rod” may become a “cold fish” in the long run. I don’t know how true it is and it is up to you to believe.

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