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Update on Wedding Blog Readers

It has been quite a while. My Wedding Blog is about 11 months old and yesterday traffic was a breakthrough.

I believed it is a start of another level of soaring of traffic as my wedding blog has become more well-known and friends are spreading the blog address by word of mouth.

Interestingly, some readers emailed me that they only get the info of the real side of wedding and marriage only after they get to read my posts.

Wow!!! I didn’t know that my wedding blog has such deep impact on people’s lives.

I really hope daily readers will soar till over 1000 by end of September this year. Again, I want to thank my readers who have been coming back again and again to read my posts.

Thanks so much. >.<

wedding blog traffic
Today’s traffic has spilled over 500!!!

wedding blog traffic
10 to 20 % of traffic increase between last month and this

wedding blog traffic
Readers from all over the world are reading my blog, especially friends from US and Singapore

wedding blog traffic
Each month about 50% of readers added my wedding blog as favourites without fail

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