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Wedding Taboos Part 2: Compatibility of Chinese Horoscopes

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According to the Chinese horoscopes, we have 12 animals signs. And depending on which year each of us is born in, we have a different horoscope sign.

There was a belief that two dragons cannot be staying together as they are both very fierce and domineering and will not give way to others.

There were also other beliefs that a wife with “Tiger” sign as her horoscope will be always bullying her husband who is a “Chicken”.

Nowadays, people date not based on their horoscopes, but most probably love at first sight or after getting to know each other better.

In ancient China, people used 6 pairings of horoscopes as guidelines for couples who wish to get married.

The incompatible ones are Rat and Horse, Ox and Ram, Tiger and Monkey, Rabbit and Rooster, DDragon and Dog and lastly Snake and Pig.

The reason is simply because of “clashing” horoscopes and the married couples won’t have a “good” married life.

In the past, parents and society at large won’t accept such marriages.

For example, the Snake may devour the Pig and if the wife is a Pig, she will be dominated by the husband. If it is the other way round, the woman will be oppressed and get hissed at a lot.

To marry somone one of incompatible horoscope is equal to bringing a tiger in to be your spouse. It is equivalent to a doomed fate which may be divorce, infertility, death or estrangement.

According to the horoscopes, a person who has a particular horosope is believed to possess a fixed set of charateristics, which is not really true.

For instance, the person with “Sheep” sign is kind and gentle and those with “Pig” sign are considered to be lazy and useless bumps which eat and sleep all day and night.

Those with “Rooster” sign are considered as laborious and very diligent.

The sad fact about believing all these traditional wedding taboos is the cause of many break-ups of couples who were truly in love.

But when love is concerned, the only thing that can be done is to restrict a person physically but not mentally and emotionally.

In modern times, some parents are still very particular about the horscopes of their future son or daughter-in-laws and they will look for great masters who may be feng-shui masters or geomancers.

However, my very own encounter with the geomancer is that such beliefs are incorrect and can’t be substantiated. So his only advice is love a person with our heart.

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    Celebs Says:

    As they said dont believe horoscope but dont live without it!

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