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5 Steps on “How to Plan Your Own Wedding?”

Planning your own wedding in the near future and still clueless of what to do?

You have tried asking around from married couples and got confused by the many things they have shared with you.

And you are not using a wedding planner. Then you probably need to know how to plan your own wedding.

Here are 5 thing to consider when planning your own wedding.


One of the first tasks that you should remember to do when you are planning a wedding is what time of year you want to get married. Knowing this could dictate many other decisions that you need to make. For example, if you are planning to tie the knots in the summer you can probably plan for an outdoor wedding. Of course, if you are wanting to get married in the fall or winter, an outdoor wedding would not be possible.

You may also want to consider the pros and cons. If you are planning in a holiday season, your guests will most probably be away for their holidays. To avoid this, give them at least half a year advance notice.


As stated before, once you feel like you have a wedding date in mind, you can start to narrow down where you would like to hold your wedding. Today, many people are moving away from tradition times where people got married in the church. There a few choices. Some may choose to be married in other places or even overseas. They are called destination weddings.

Also, many people are choosing to get married in the same venue where they are holding the reception. This is great for out of town relatives who may get lost in transit on the way to the reception. Plus, having the functions in the same place save you alot of logistic and commuting problems.

How many guests will you be expecting? Or how many guests can you afford to invite? This determines the size of venue you need. If you are inviting just family members and a small group of close friends and relatives, you may need a smaller wedding venue compared to one which has to accomodate a few hundred guests.


What type of wedding theme are you thinking of basing your wedding around? Different brides choose different wedding themesm from simple ones to complex ones. Having a themed wedding sometime can prove to be a bit pricey. So remember to set aside budget specifically for this.

If you plan properly, you can pull off a themed wedding for just as much as you would spend for a regular wedding. As an example, your wedding theme could be roses. You could incorporate roses into many aspects of your wedding and not spend extra for custom made items. If you are choosing items which are common in household, you can ask your wedding helpers to borrow them.

The best way to save money is to do it yourself. Surf the internet for DIY wedding themes and you will be surprised how many items you can start from scratch.


It’s a wonderful idea to get a small group of friends together and make your bouquets and corsages. Using artificial flowers will be less expensive and you don’t need to worry about them wilting or dying before the wedding starts. Howeevr, they look less real and not as beautiful as real flowers.

If you are considering real flowers, check all the flower suppliers. At these places, you can also source for craft supplies for your wedding themes. You have more control over the color theme as well. If you want a certain color, you can always buy white flowers and paint them to suit you. Again, buying paint needs money. So remember to budget your wedding properly.

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