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Archive for November, 2007

6 Steps on “How To Plan A Simple Wedding?”

Now that you’ve recovered from the delightful shock of your engagement, take a deep breathe.

This wedding of yours must be your first time (of course this is your first time! What am I saying?) and it is fine to get confused and overwhelmed by what to do.

As you are recovering from your initial excitement, you could be considering how to go about planning your wedding and how to go about making things simple. You have heard about unbelievable stories of weddings having at least 600 guests or even expensive weddings which the couple spent their entire savings.

You may not care about what people say or how other people look at it. You just want a simple wedding.

You may be looking at just a simple wedding reception with a small group of family members, relatives and friends to be present. Of course, despite of a simple wedding, every detail of any bride’s wedding is important. And there are some short cuts that you can take when you are planning your simple wedding.

There 6 steps that you can go over in advance to make the months ahead as simple as possible. You can use these steps to help outline the planning of your wedding.

1) Budget – One of the biggest mistakes that brides’ make is not setting a budget. And it is one of the major causes how most couples end up in debts after their weddings.

If not controlled, costs can easily spiral out of control, and if you don’t document them, you may end up paying far more for your wedding than you planned. You should work out with your fiance the maximum amount that both of you are able to spend.

Without an amount set, you realise it is so easy to spend way beyond your budget. You do not want to spend your honeymoon worrying about how to go about paying your debts. So set the intial stage right to budget plan wedding.
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Why do Men Change After Marriage?

I came across this interesting topic in a bridal forum: why do men change after marriage?

No, no, no. Men don’t change after marriage.

It is our perception that was changed.

Let me ask you a question.

Before marriage, have you ever lived with your men 24 hours a day for a few days at least or even up to a week.

I don’t think so.

Couples spent really short time before marriage and that is why they present the best side of themselves in front of each other.

They won’t fart. Neither will they dig their nose or burp out loud.

It is only after marriage that they may start doing such things.

Some brides described their men as “all hell broke loose” in them after marriage. They just let it all out after they have officially become husband and wife.

I know some brides even described it as their men change on the first night after marriage

Before marriage, there is just this physical attraction. You may know your partner significantly well but not good enough to know his dark side, if not his ugliest side.

After every wedding comes a marriage. With marriage, couples need to learn another set of soft skills like giving respect and managing expectations to sustain their marriage.

Personally I feel that respect after marriage is very important. If the couples are normal human beings, they don’t change much after marriage.

Yes! Life after marriage is going to be evry different, whether you like it or not.
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8 Gorgeous Plus Size Wedding Gowns You Can Consider!

Plus size wedding gowns are readily available online as well as offline.

If you are considering getting your wedding gowns online, do remember to do these number of things. You do not wish to realise yoour gown can’t nicely fit you a day before your wedding day.

So how to measure?
(I got this from PlusSizeBirdal.com:

To ensure accurate measurements we suggest having a professional seamstress measure you. If you do not get a professional seamstress to take your measurements you should follow this guide to ensure proper fit.

Please Note: You should always have someone else take your measurements, physically measuring yourself will provide you with inaccurate numbers, so please have someone help you.

Wedding apparel is sized differently than ready to wear clothes. It is very important that you use this guide in conjunction with the size chart to help you determine your size in order to save time and money.

You will need to take your measurements in the undergarments you will be wearing with the wedding gown.

Be sure to stand up straight with your arms relaxed down by your side.

Go to PlusSizeBirdal.com to see their diagram of how to measure.)

I also did some Googling to find the top 8 wedding gowns sites that offer plus size wedding gowns.

Sydney Closet:
Plus Size Wedding Gowns
from sydneyscloset.com

Plus Size Wedding Gowns
from houseofbrides.com

Plus Size Wedding Gowns
from davincibridal.com

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7 Shopping Tips for “How To Choose A Plus Size Wedding Gowns?”

If you are a plus-sized lady and are worried if you can find your perfect wedding gown, not to worry.

There are so many choices out there in choosing a plus size wedding gown. Not to panic that you will have a very tough time deciding on the perfect wedding and evening dress that best fit you.

I always believe that every bride is unique in her own special ways and I’m sure that each bride will eventually find that very special wedding gown that make you look the way you deserve to look and show you off for the woman that you are.

Wedding gowns are readily available in various sizes, at bridal stores all over the world. Even if you can’t find the perfect wedding gown, you can always explore online bridal stores which may be able to deliver the gowns to your door step.

But first of all, let’s explore the local bridal boutiques which will most probably have plus size wedding gowns available. In terms of sizes, most of these wedding gowns are designed up to a size 14 or even a size 16.

So now you know you can find your wedding gown. But wait!
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6 Must-Know Tips On “How To Plan Weddings From Overseas?”

As couples get busier with their work and it is really hard to take leaves or off days from work to plan their weddings.

Personally, I feel that even if the couples are planning their weddings locally, there are million of things to note.

What’s more for couples who are stationed overseas in different parts of the world?

It is going to be more challenging for them, especially for couples who are separated in two different countries and their wedding is just in 6 months’ time or less.

Imagine having to coordinate and plan their wedding overseas.

So, what are the pains that they may go through?

Possibly different time zones and one of them may need to stay up at 4am just to discuss wedding matters. I can’t imagine myself having to discuss from 4am to 6am and needing to go for work at 7am.

Wow, I would have been even more emotionally and mentally drained if this went on for 12 months.

What about other problems?

In fact, it is really tough to visualise the exact settings and layouts of wedding venues and wedding decors.

Yes, we can see pictures emailed to us. However, those pictures are created solely for advertisements and they only show the best sides of everything.

Sometimes, things may turn out to be otherwise compared to what we see in the photos.

Thus, a visit to the actual venue or a look at the actual wedding decor is definitely better.

However for couples who really have no choice but to carry out their wedding plannings from overseas, they have to take note of 6 things if they do not want to have a big headache during their big day.

1. Wedding Helpers
Who is in your team of wedding helpers? Are they committed and responsive? You can ask help from your siblings who may know you better than anyone else see through the wedding planning process. Also, ask someone who is responsible and reliable to head the team of helpers in your wedding so he or she will help to make sure every detail is looked into.

2. Wedding Finance
Sometimes you may overspend that what you have budgeted. It is difficult to keep all your expenditure in check, especially you are overseas. Plus, who can you rely to help you pay the deposit and any miscellaneous expenses. Get a family member such as your mother or father to help pay first.

So who to settle the payment, if any?
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