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Why do Men Change After Marriage?

I came across this interesting topic in a bridal forum: why do men change after marriage?

No, no, no. Men don’t change after marriage.

It is our perception that was changed.

Let me ask you a question.

Before marriage, have you ever lived with your men 24 hours a day for a few days at least or even up to a week.

I don’t think so.

Couples spent really short time before marriage and that is why they present the best side of themselves in front of each other.

They won’t fart. Neither will they dig their nose or burp out loud.

It is only after marriage that they may start doing such things.

Some brides described their men as “all hell broke loose” in them after marriage. They just let it all out after they have officially become husband and wife.

I know some brides even described it as their men change on the first night after marriage

Before marriage, there is just this physical attraction. You may know your partner significantly well but not good enough to know his dark side, if not his ugliest side.

After every wedding comes a marriage. With marriage, couples need to learn another set of soft skills like giving respect and managing expectations to sustain their marriage.

Personally I feel that respect after marriage is very important. If the couples are normal human beings, they don’t change much after marriage.

Yes! Life after marriage is going to be evry different, whether you like it or not.

Your spouse become who he really was.

Spouses will go about their married life as who they were and display their daily habits as usual.

Why would they change after marriage? Would you?

Maybe you will for the first few months or first few years. But as the saying goes, old habits die hard. Many a times they will bound to go back to their normal selves.

Actually, it is very much managing your expectation on your spouse. Do you expect that he totally transformed just for you?

If yes, how would you feel if your husband has the same expectation on you?

Would you be able to quit your job and be a full time housewife if this is his expectation?

Would you be able to be a full-time home maker if he says so?

I think it is insane if you say “yes” as you still need to lead your life before marriage.

Remember this, you cannot change someone else after marriage.

Marriage is hard enough without bringing unrealistic expectations into it. People don’t change just because they say I do in their marriage vows and their partners shouldn’t expect them to.

Marriage is about living with and loving the person you are with, not the person you hope they will become.

So, if you live each day of your marriage with realistic expectation, there are actually many good things you can look forward each day.

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