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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – Bridalwave.tv

Beside WeddingBee.com, the other popular wedding blog that I like is Bridalwave.tv

bridalwave.tv top 10 wedding sites

A short overview of the blog:
“Bridalwave.tv blog for brides and weddings, edited by Camilla Chafer. It takes a fun and quirky look at the best of bridal fashion, including gowns, shoes and accessories, groomwear, venues, jewellery, stationery, beauty, flowers, and cakes. Regular features include: ?Gown of the day?; ?Frock Horror?; a regular ?Yay or Nay? slot where readers offer their own opinions; ?Wedding Know-how?, and competitions.

And it is published by Shiny Media (one of UK?s fastest-growing new media publishing company.) Other Shiny Media?s blogs cover a range of interests across the areas of fashion, technology, lifestyle, sport and gaming.”

Here are the 5 areas you can get more wedding tips if you are planning your wedding right now.

1. Categories
The wedding blog has about over 26 categories and they have this category cloud placed at the right side of the blog so that you can easily navigate the right topic that you want, without spending too much effort looking for your info.

bridalwave.tv top 10 wedding sites

As you can see, they have categories such as bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, frock horror (one of my favourites!), groom, bridal shoes and many more.

And Bridalwave.tv will provide you more info of the particular wedding post by linking you to the original website. How thoughtful of them!

2. Frock Horror

Most blogs blog about how lovely wedding gowns are. But this blog does it creatively, coming from the opposite angle.

I have always enjoy reading their coverage on frock horrors of weddings. Those wedding gowns that have gone awfully wrong!

I just wonder how come brides still wear them. Maybe no one reminded them how “lovely” their gowns are.

bridalwave.tv top 10 wedding sites

3. Wedding Gowns

Bridalwave.tv posts contain very lovely wedding gowns from across United Kindgdom and many times, their coverage span from simple and beautiful gowns to the more sensual and expensive ones. Do read about their posts so that you can know what are the gowns to choose, depending on your budget and taste.

In reality, budget and taste seldom go in sync and thus, the more you must use this blog for your wedding research.

bridalwave.tv top 10 wedding sites

4. Weekly Weddings Roundup

Weekly, Bridalwave.tv share with you some interesting wedding-related news from around the globe.

I believe it is a great deal of work to be done and it only shows their committment to their readers.

With the internet, a wedding blog can really have readers from anywhere on this planet. So, it is important to touch on topics that interest oversea readers too.

I love this category as I learnt more about wedding real time news, rather than just gowns or accessories. And you will enjoy reading the posts too, only if you like reading news.

bridalwave.tv top 10 wedding sites

5. Yay or Nay

It is really a unique idea to get readers to participate under the Yay or Nay.

On average about once a week, there is a post featuring a gown for you to vote whether you like it or not and why.

I think it is good in the sense you can read about other readers’ comments and opinions.

While preparing my own wedding, I learnt that it is important to hear from others too so that you will know which gown suit you best.

Yes, it is important to choose gowns that fit you, ladies and not the other way round.

bridalwave.tv top 10 wedding sites

And before I end of this post, I want to say that Bridalwave.tv has a great and loving team of people. Catch their Christmas greetings that they have put together for their readers.

Here it is.

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