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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – WeddingBee.com

After blogging for a year and a half on wedding, I have also come across tremendous wedding blogs and sites that are still my love.

One of them is WeddingBee.com, the very first wedding blog that I fell in love with.

weddingbee.com top 10 wedding sites

Over this one year, WeddingBee.com has transformed itself to a more community friendly blog, enabling readers to browse more easily and to put up classified ads or discussions in their new features.

This is a short write up on the blog and I got this from their blog:
“Weddingbee is a wedding blog updated daily by 20 real brides across the US and Canada. We feature wedding inspiration and ideas, diy projects, product reviews, vendor spotlights, advice and news, with a core focus on real brides? wedding planning journeys from engagement to ?I Do? and beyond. The site is updated over 20 times a day and is read obsessively by brides, grooms, bridesmaids, women, wedding vendors and industry insiders alike.

As an avid blogger, publisher Bee Kim originally started weddingbee as a personal blog while planning her own wedding. The site?s popularity prompted her to launch weddingbee as a stand-alone site in February of 2006. Weddingbee currently has over 20,000 unique daily visits, and over 50,000 daily page views.

Weddingbee was recently featured in the New York Times.”

Kudos to the blog for being featured in such a popular news portal, New York Times. And understanding that there are 20 lovely brides updating the blog daily, you should be expecting lots of wedding info with many posts about personal wedding planning experiences by the brides.

Wait, there are even more features of the blog that all brides and grooms must know.

How I will be reviewing the blogs is I will share with you the top few things you must know when you visit their blog.

1. Boards section

weddingbee.com top 10 wedding sites

There is a live discussion board section which allows brides to discuss about anything under the sun.

Topics covered ranged from how to place your wedding placecards to the latest wedding shows in town to wedding-related stress (most likely from families and the overwhelming tasks).

2. Classifed section

weddingbee.com top 10 wedding sites

Do you realise that after every wedding when you ransack through the stuff you have bought, there are so many leftovers and very new stuffs that you never ever used?

And understanding that your savings are very much depleted right now, you are looking for chance to sell of these wedding items.

Anyway, it is either you put them in your storeroom and keep them inside forever or throw them away. So why not earn some cash by selling them to other brides who are planning their weddings.

So, the classified section of weddingbee.com allows you to sell your wedding gowns, seed packets, leftover wedding favors to other brides.

You can leave behind your contact email, phone number and link to the picture of the item so that any interested buyer can take a look at the actual thing before committing to buy.

3. Google Search

weddingbee.com top 10 wedding sites

There is a Search function at the top right hand corner to look for the info you want. What I like about it is it shows the “Hot Searches” and you get to know what other brides are searching for.

This can also give you a good idea what you can sell at the “Classified” section.

4. Contact the Bees

weddingbee.com top 10 wedding sites

I am a big fan of WeddingBee.com and after reading some of the wedding posts, you will definitely want to contact the bee who writes that particular post.

You can go to the “Contact the Bees” page and drop them an email.

Very convenient, isn’t it?

5. Bee TV

weddingbee.com top 10 wedding sites

You want to see who are the live bloggers of Wedding Bee? You can see them live at Bee TV.

They even have a schedule of who is on air.


12/9, 4:09 pm – Mrs. Spider
12/10, 3:10 pm – Mrs. Snow Pea
12/11, 1:37 am – Miss Penguin
12/11, 11:05 pm – Mrs. Eggplant
12/12, 7:50 pm – Mr. & Miss Dahlia
12/12, 10:17 pm – Miss Penguin
12/13, 7:12 pm – Mrs. Corn & Mrs. Onion
12/13, 10:08 pm – Mrs. Lemon
12/14, 2:08 am – Mrs. Eggplant
12/15, 5:50pm – Mr. & Mrs. Eggplant
12/15, 10:50pm – Mrs. Spider
12/16, 7:44 pm – Mrs. Butterscotch
12/17, 8:00 pm – Miss & Mr. Hummingbird
12/17, 11:00 pm – Miss Penguin
12/18, 6:54 pm – Mrs. Lollipop
12/19, 8:15 pm – Mr. & Miss Dahlia
12/20, 4:12 pm – Miss Toucan
(*All in Eastern Standard Time)

Catch them live at Bee TV

And here is their latest post.

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