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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – TheKnot.com

TheKnot.com top 10 wedding sites

Finally, in our last blog post on top 10 wedding sites, I want to feature TheKnot.com

From the About Us page, this is what they say about themselves:
“The Knot Inc., Weddings for the Real World, is one of the world’s leading wedding media and services companies, providing today’s to-be-weds with comprehensive wedding planning information, interactive tools, and resources.”

You can go to their About Us page if you want to know more about.

In summary, they are like a giant wedding site, compared to us, the ordinary blogger folks. It is like comparing Continue Reading »

Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – WeddingChannel.com

WeddingChannel.com top 10 wedding sites

When I took a look at WeddingChannel, I realise that it is a big channel of wedding resources.

It has everything under the sun, almost!

Among all the pages this site has, I love 3 most and here they are:

1. Bridal Registry

You can create your own registry.

At first, I have no idea what it means and so I went to wikipedia.com and found out what it means.
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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – WedAlert.com

WedAlert.com top 10 wedding sites

As I am doing more and more research on the best wedding sites, I realise everyone of them has a unique mission. Meaning to say, how different they are from others.

So what is WedAlert.com?s mission?

I found from their site that it is to match the local bride and groom with wedding professionals in their area.

And why there are doing that?

They want to help brides and grooms to save both valuable time and money involved in planning their wedding.

I think it is true. Most of the time, time and money are two things that many of us don’t have. Even if we have the money (assuming we are lucky enough to have a parents-sponsored wedding), we will still be racing against time.

Ok, let me share with you what are the unique features that can benefit you.
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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – OffBeatBride.com

OffBeatBride.com top 10 wedding sites

Offbeatbride is created by a blogger who is also a writer and editor for a decade. And she is also a marketing manager for Microsoft. (Yes, really!) and this is what she said about herself.

1. Offbeat Tribe

I quoted this from the page: “This is the network for kick-ass, independently minded women who just happen to be getting married. You can talk, connect, and share ideas with other brides inspired by Offbeat Bride, both the book and the website.”

It simply means a discussion platform for offbeatbrides members and other brides. I feel it is wonderful portal for brides to discuss about anything under the sun, especially complaints about their mothers-in-law… shhh!
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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – TopWeddingSites.com

TopWeddingSites.com top 10 wedding sites

In this series of 10 blog posts on the top 10 wedding sites, I have earlier featured Onewed.com. In fact, online wedding guides are many and I have another one – a very popular online wedding guide with tons of essential wedding information.

Top 3 unique features TopWeddingSites.com have: Continue Reading »