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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – WeddingPodcastNetwork.com

WeddingPodcastNetwork.com top 10 wedding sites

Tired of reading from your computer screen?

In need of more time so that you can do more things in a day?

Why not turn to wedding sites that offer you to listen to them speak and you can multi-task other things at the same time?

I’m proud to say that WeddingPodcastNetwork is the first and only place on the web to download bridal specific podcasts. (Trust me, I did my research for this “Top Wedding Sites” series) and listen to firsthand wedding advice from newlyweds and wedding professionals.

1. How to listen?

Podcasting maybe something new to you. So what is podcasting?

WeddingPodcastNetwork says “Podcasting is like Tivo for your radio. You have the freedom to choose the time and place you want to listen to the Wedding Podcast Network?s variety of programming. You can subscribe to a podcast the audio file is automatically downloaded to a computer and you can play it while you multitask.”

So it is like listening to a mp3 or any music file. Interestingly, podcast is getting more and more popular in recent years, especially with the fierce marketing of Apple ipod and other mp3 players.

Everyone wants a piece of it. And I’m sure you do own at least one music file in your computer.

WeddingPodcastNetwork offers detailed explanation on how to subscribe to their podcast and here is an excerpt of it:

“Download a free podcatcher program that will enable you to subscribe to, download and play our shows. Although applications vary, each should provide instructions on how to add podcast feeds to your list. Wedding Podcast Network recommends:

2. Marketplace

Normally, wdding vendors advertise in a site by flashing banners and putting up their online store links.

In WeddingPodcastNetwork, they do it with info cast (also meaning podcast or simply mp3) You can listen to them like radio ads.

It is just like listening to ads broadcasted from your radio.

3. Bridal Links

This part contains of almost all the wedding blogs available in the internet.

There are links to bridal blogs, blogs of grooms with a view (and I”m honored to say I’m the one out of the 2 blogs listed), wedding authors, business links, girls gone wired (and I don’t know what it means), wedding workout, and other podcasting sites for your listening pleasure.

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