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Stuart And Kloudiia’s Wedding – Part 2

Stuart and Kloudiia wedding

The whole wedding was divided into 3 parts.

In the morning, it was the church wedding.

Followed by an afternoon of fine-dining in a Country Club and then, another wedding party at night (which I will blog in part 3 soon and this was part 1 of their wedding.)

I think it was a wedding of a different kind, in the sense they do not have wedding dinner, which normally Chinese wedding couples have.

From how I see it, wedding dinner is meant more for the relatives and families as Chinese take it as a formal invitation for everyone that the family knows and has such a grand celebration to announce to everyone that their children are getting married.

But again, you may not want to know the hassle of organising one with all the problems ranging from interference of mother-in-law to not really friendly or helpful hotel staff.

For the wedding party, it is eh… I should tell you more in the next post.

Anyway, back to Stuart and Kloudiia’s wedding, below is a slideshow of their church wedding.

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