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Top 10 Wedding Sites You Must Know! – OneWed.com

Following from the previous feature post on Brides.com, now we shall take a look at another very popular wedding site – OneWed.com

onewed.com top 9 wedding sites

Onewed caters to brides and grooms from the US. So if you are a bride having your wedding in the States, Onewed is the right wedding site for you.

It’s search feature allows you to search for various wedding vendors and services in at least 50 states ranging from Alabama to Wyoming.

Check out their collection of Bridal Shoes of different brands from Cynthia Rowley to Vera Wang.

onewed.com top 10 wedding sites

You can even purchase bridal shoes online through Onewed from another site RedGaloshes.com. Meaning that if you buy shoes through the referral of Onewed, Onewed earns a 10% commission.

I think RedGaloshes.com should be a trusted site for the fact that Onewed is promoting their site through such affiliate programme.

You can find shoes of different styles, designers, size, price and heel height.

One good tip to note is to get a comfortable shoe that you can walk fast and still feel comfortable. You do not wish to have aching feet on your wedding day. And the pain will spoil your day.

Unsure of when is the next bridal show or expo? Find out at their Bridal Shows.

onewed.com top 10 wedding sites

They show details of upcoming shows in over 50 states and you can even register for the show online in their wedding site. Details such as date, time and venue are clearly stated.

Good and trusted Wedding Vendors are hard to find nowadays.

onewed.com top 10 wedding sites

Look through their list of recommended vendors. You can limit the search results to the wedding service you need in specific areas.

For example, you can be looking for beauty salons in Alabama or videographer in New York. Just make sure you click on the right options.

Always remember to meet up with the vendors and talk to them personally. You will need to find someone who has a good working attitude and who you enjoy working with on your wedding day.

For every wedding, you will definitely need to get your very own Wedding Cake.

onewed.com top 10 wedding sites

There are all kinds of cakes, varying from shapes, designers, taste to tiers.

Another factor to consider is your wedding theme. Choose a wedding cake which suit the theme and of course, your budget too.

Sign up as a member in their Bridal Community.

With every account (which is free), you will get access to:
– Wedding Website
– Wedding Reminders
– Wedding Photo Album

onewed.com top 10 wedding sites

You can upload your images of wedding dresses, cakes, and other wedding items from other websites to your Onewed account.

If you just want to share your site with your family and friends, you can keep it private.

I think having a site is especially useful for those brides with family members or friends abroad. It is the fastest way as most people have access to internet nowadays.

I really love their Wedding Reminders function which you can pre-set your to-do list to remind yourself.

It is most helpful when one has too much to remember and do. So go check out OneWed.com and you will discover they have so much to offer.

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