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First Day of A Fresh New Year And A Message From My Mother-in-law

Last year was a fabulous year for me as it was a totally incredible journey for myself, my wife and getting used to her parents.

Yesterday was the last day of the year and we went back to my in-laws’ place for dinner.

Understanding that the situation between us and my mother-in-law, who is very hard to please, was very tense, I made an effort to buy a huge bouquet of flowers, 3 lillies and 3 pink tulips just for her.

I met up with my mentor in a town central and it was a brain-draining afternoon when he cramped me with so much internet-marketing stuff just before the year closed.

It was two hours of meeting and I made my way back to the market near my place to buy the bouquet from a regular florist whom I know and can trust.

It was another 1 hour bus journey to the west and we, with our heart beating, presented the flowers to my mother-in-law.

We thought that the flowers would kind of make her smile abit, if not welcome us with open arms when she sees us.

Oh dear! When we reached there, her face was as black as the bottom of an old kettle and in our mind, we knew that the weather at her home was black and gloomy.

Oh my! It was then I came to a conclusion that mother treats her in-law similarly to her own kids.

If there has always been love-hate relationship between the bride and her mom, good luck to her husband for the rest of his life.

As for me, I have always valued mother-child relationship and I feel that no matter how bad it is, a mother will never hate her own child and the child should somehow do his or her best to act or at least “pretend” to be filial.

Actually to come to think about it, it is very common for such tension to exist in any home, be it between son and father or mother and daughter or parents-in-law and the son-in-law. You name it.

So, we should take take it with a pinch of salt and move on with our lives.

Hey, it is true. Move on. I still have many things to do and an Internet business to manage.

My mother taught me an important tip, somehow useful for my survival in front of my mother-in-law.

Treat her as a friend.

I know it sounds weird but this method somehow ease the tension between both of us and it works.

So why not give it shot before you dismiss it and say that it doesn’t work.

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