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9 Tips To A Happy Marriage Lessons I Have Learnt

from adwriter

As my wife and I were planning our second honeymoon (sort of) to Japan for 2 full weeks, we were recalling on how a getaway plan can go down into pieces so easily.

Barely 2 months ago, we have just bought our new flat which cost us at least US$430,000 and thinking about the amount of loans we have to pay back for the next few decades is really discouraging.

It was one of the biggest purchase we have ever made in our entire life, beside spending another big sum of money on our wedding day.

It was not easy to continue our planning of the oversea trips as both of us felt really low then.

However, being absolutely optimistic that things will turn out well and being a strong believer in having a full experience in our marriage life, I decided to push on our plan.

It was not easy for us but my sense is that if not now, then when?

The right time will never come.

Having been my marriage life for almost 2 years have taught me my fair share of important tips to a happy marriage. It somehow provides some answers to you if you are also searching for tips for a successful marriage.

Here are my 9 important marriage tips:
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I Want To Buy My Baby Shoes

Baby Shoes
photo from newvintagechicago

Recently, I read an article on house husbands, fathers who witness their babies every first.

These fathers took up the unconventional role of stay-home papa while their wives are out in the commercial world working.

It somehow is really strange. The more I want to be a house-husband, the more I see of such news about modern fathers staying at home to look after their little ones once after they are born.

How sweet!

Being a house husband is not easy. There are many mothering roles to be done from feeding the child to buying baby shoes for them, especially personalized baby shoes if you are willing to spend more.

I know nowadays mothers, especially the working moms, do not really fair well in how to take care of their babies.

But it is never too late to learn to take care of our young ones. We all need to start somewhere.
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I Want To Be A House-Husband

father and baby
photo from nooshin american

I was looking at my own marriage and reflecting on where I want it to be in 5 years’ time.

How can I see the future? I must be insane.

If we can plan for our studies, career and holidays, why can’t we plan for our marriage.

Would I want my marriage to be just like anyone else?

Wife and husband work in the morning and they only get to see each other after their work.

Wife and husband deposit their young kids in child care centre and they miss a whole lot of their growing up.

Wife and husband are drained mentally and physically due to raising up of their kids.

And they feel strangled.

Is this what you want for your marriage life?
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A Wedding Story

sweet couple
photo from nejron

Let me share with you a story.

“There is this guy who planned to have his wedding soon. But it is going to be a surprise for his girlfriend.

He has a job which offers not much for saving up. And he knows that if it carries on to be like this, his savings won’t be enough for his wedding.

It was not easy to save up for his wedding as you know, wedding is expensive. But this guy does not give up easily.

He plans his wedding at this date in his life time, so he makes it a point he will make sure it comes true.

He works very hard for 2 years, working in the morning in his full time job and having part-time which starts right after his work and it normally ends off at 11pm.

It was not easy and this tiredness and exhaustion carry on for 18 months.

It was not easy but the guy is committed to himself and his life and he has only a dream which is to have his wedding day as planned.”

Finally did the guy has his wedding? We shall find out.
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5 Common Struggles Of A Groom, After His Wedding

marriage bliss
photo from hnakamura

Marriage is a bliss. Everyone says that.

Commercials about weddings make them look so magical and care-free.

Weddings lead to a life of eternal happiness and romance.

Is it true for you?

For me, it is not true.

I am not saying I don’t like wedding. I love wedding and especially mine.

I love my wife too and everyday I told myself, “I can lose everything that I have but not her. I only have one her.”

Before my marriage, I was a carefree guy, in the sense that I can plan for my life and my finance.

But what happen after my wedding?
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