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Emotional well-being…from a guy’s perspective

As the important day draws nearer,? my heart pound faster…my anxiety shoots up…my headache worsens…due to many reasons….

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Today is a bad day – Ju

Not because I have a fight with my husband-to-be; not because I am having PMS; not because I get a scolding from my boss. The causes of bad day are:
– receiving many disapproved facial expressions
– never ending interrogative questions on a Saturday night
– being bombarded with a series of questions

Qn1: Gown
?Have you book an appointment with the tailor so that we can take a look at her designs? If I don?t like her designs, I still have to search for other designs? CAN YOU HURRY UP? Are you really THAT busy?… I don?t understand why there are so few gowns? designs. They?re just either spaghetti strap, tube or so low cut! How can I wear those?!… ?

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When A Guy says it’s ok, it isn’t

Ladies talk more about their feelings..what do guys do? Guys pretend that they have none…

How often you ask a guy how?he feel and he says it is ok? Nothing lor…

Hmmm….most of the times i guess…

why is it a guy can read maps and girls cant? hmmm…maybe this is the same for why guys hide their feelings inside them or prefer to find some safer ways to express…like …errr..blogging….just like me…

?with regards to wedding, i presume everybody is excited…both husband and wife-to-be…life is transiting…who is not affected?

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Weddings of the Riches and Middle-Incomers

I’m from a middle-income family and my value as a guy, a future man of the house will pay for everything on the wedding. Yes, it is not easy because the expenses is so high. Pay this and that…a few days later, a lump sum for this and that…

Many times, I think of borrowing…but no way…I will work hard and give what my fiancee deserves…many times, people around me ask me if I have enough money…i said “yes”…and the next moment I’m thinking of how to make more money…whay a lie I have told them…

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Wedding Preparation is Everybody’s business

Planning a wedding is never easy. It requires many people’s help here and there plus lots of network. Wthout external help, it is nearly impossible to organise a wedding. Yes, you can still do it. But it will require more effort and time.

?To elaborate, for example, my friend in NUS let me know of finding the necessary info from singaporebrides.com. Without her supplying me the info, I may have to spend more time on the internet searching for the right info. You can find the post here https://romance-fire.com/?p=8

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