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When A Guy says it’s ok, it isn’t

Ladies talk more about their feelings..what do guys do? Guys pretend that they have none…

How often you ask a guy how?he feel and he says it is ok? Nothing lor…

Hmmm….most of the times i guess…

why is it a guy can read maps and girls cant? hmmm…maybe this is the same for why guys hide their feelings inside them or prefer to find some safer ways to express…like …errr..blogging….just like me…

?with regards to wedding, i presume everybody is excited…both husband and wife-to-be…life is transiting…who is not affected?

i guess i feel anxious, dont know what to expect…what is the exact role of a husband..the role of a father le? and whatever the expectation from both of us…”many many thoughts” and the list will go on and on…

Remember when you first say “yes” to a relationship, did you ponder for a long time? did you have second thoughts? did you experience a mixture of feelings that you can’t even describe yourself? LIkewise for marriage, the process that we go thru is the same…and perhaps many times more intense…and it is NORMAL…

we all like to be in familiar places..comfort zones which we find ourselves adapting well …we dont like changes..when environment changes, what happens?…when familair things around us start to leave and repalced by new things, how is it like for us?

for me, i really look forward to the wedding…just like how a girl feels…”the BIGGEST event in my life”…and really thankful that i have such a supportive and understanding wife-to-be…:)

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