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Bridal Hairstyle For Different Brides

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Different people got different types of hair: long, medium, short, culry, straight…i found from web site that there are so many hair styles to choose from ladies..almost 100 over…for guys like me, just comb to the side….and may look “nerdy” at times…haha

?For ladies with long hair:


Long layers of soft, cascading waves create a look that?s glamorous and fuss-free. I remember one of my friends with long hair and she had this hair style for her wedding. She looks like a doll and with the cascading waves, she looked very sweet on her wedding night.


Classic but soft. Pretty curls are drawn back from the face and dressed with a floral clip. Clip may vary and choose one that suit you. Not the other way round.


A delicate, bejeweled French twist looks sophisticated; wear it with a sleek, simple dress with just a bit of sparkle. My darling’s hairstyle is almost like this. Her hair length reaches to the back of the mid of her back and she looks great with this style.

For medium length:


Look like yourself and wear long hair loose. Dress up straight stresses with a shiny clip or two and wear a simple veil clipped in back. This style is aprticularly great for outdoor shoot.


This leaf-motif tiara speaks of nature?perfect for an outdoor bride in a flowy dress that will ride the breeze.


Long layers show off stunning highlights and lowlights?a pretty, natural look for an outdoor wedding and a simple, scoop-neck wedding dress.

For short hair:


This slicked-back look lets you emphasize your face. Wear it with bold earrings and an appliqu?d A-line gown.


Add a bit of definition and fabulous earrings and this long-layered look is ready for the wedding photos. A dress with a low bodice accentuates the curve of your neck.

?Some brides I know kept their hair long specially for the wedding day. Some prefers to cut it short for another look. What matter most you is must be comfortable and look comfortable on the wedding day. Any tinge of discomfort speaks for itself on your face.

?So spend?lots of?time to choose the style that you like. Don’t let the pressure from anyone (not even the hairstylist or your hubby) influence your decision. >.<

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4 Responses to “Bridal Hairstyle For Different Brides”

  1. 1
    https://kckr.blogspot.com Says:

    Kucing Kurap…

    Are you a Kucing Kurap? Are you still busy acting successful, while still a worker? …

  2. 2
    regina Says:

    these harstyls r wicked but some of dem doesn’t look nice in da person i am not being rude if u think i am den sorry kk
    bye luv regina

  3. 3
    Jhong Ren Says:

    hi regina, perhaps they don’t suit your taste…so which hairstyle you prefer for yourself?

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