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Emotional well-being…from a guy’s perspective

As the important day draws nearer,? my heart pound faster…my anxiety shoots up…my headache worsens…due to many reasons….

1) financial…I’m such a stubborn guy who refuses to borrow any money from anyone. My mom asked me if my money is enough, and I still told her “yes”. My anxiety shoot up day by day and me, not understanding why.

remedy– i still do my best to readjust my expenses such that i don’t spend anything at all and focus all my income on the wedding…(i feel strangled)

2) preparation is almost done and yet…unnecessary stress from my future mother-in-law….not so much on me but on my fiancee..you can read that in the earlier post. Such?stress is unneccessary and I felt helpless. I can’t change that mainly for the very obvious reason…”FUTuRE mother-in-law”, one of the few people in the world you can never offend if you want a peaceful life after the marriage.

remedy-i can’t change the cause but i am going to be more understanding and not give my fiancee any stress. I will support her all the way, in whatever decision she has made, or going to make. (I promise)

This wedding blog has come from the perspective of a guy…me Lah!! (hmmm…not true, my friend said, which guy will be so “free” to do a wedding blog?)…yes, my friends call me S.N.A.G (you know?)…it stands for sensitive new age guy…a rare breed nowadays, as what quoted by another friend…a lady…

I hope to use this blog as a voice from men’s perspective. Not many men share how they feel, but what they are feeling inside is still very real.

Learning point for both men and ladies: support each other…cos that is the best gift for each other for the wedding day

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