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Today is a bad day – Ju

Not because I have a fight with my husband-to-be; not because I am having PMS; not because I get a scolding from my boss. The causes of bad day are:
– receiving many disapproved facial expressions
– never ending interrogative questions on a Saturday night
– being bombarded with a series of questions

Qn1: Gown
?Have you book an appointment with the tailor so that we can take a look at her designs? If I don?t like her designs, I still have to search for other designs? CAN YOU HURRY UP? Are you really THAT busy?… I don?t understand why there are so few gowns? designs. They?re just either spaghetti strap, tube or so low cut! How can I wear those?!… ?

Ans: Sorry, I really have no time to accompany you. Yes, I agree with you that there are limited choices on gowns in Singapore. If you?re not happy with the designs, fly back to HK and buy from your favorite shop! That is what you said last time! Have you forgotten?

Qn2 : Toilet bowl issue
?How are the contractors going to remove the toilet bowl? Are they going to remove the platform? Do they have the similar tiles (floor)? What is the toilet bowl?s brand? Are the contractors trustworthy??

Ans: I am not PCK*.
(PS: PCK is aka Phua Chu Kang. He is a renowned drama character in a local sitcom ? PCK limited? Is it?)

Qn3: Watch TV
?Are you very free? How come you are watching TV? How can you concentrate in your work while the TV is switched on? You have to go back to your study room and do your work. You see, even your sister is not watching TV.

Ans: Hello! I am not a machine who work 24/7! I need to unwind and relax! Watching TV is my form of relaxation. And stop talking to me like a primary school student! I AM NOT YOUR STUDENT!

She makes me stress! I have never felt so stress when comes to selecting furniture, honeymoon packages, wedding rings, bridal packages, etc.
Who is this person? My husband-to-be has already introduced her in his previous entry (?Hong Kong Wedding Custom part3 ? Kua series).

To be continued on ?Bad day Part 2?? and my bad day continues now..

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