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9 Tips To A Happy Marriage Lessons I Have Learnt

from adwriter

As my wife and I were planning our second honeymoon (sort of) to Japan for 2 full weeks, we were recalling on how a getaway plan can go down into pieces so easily.

Barely 2 months ago, we have just bought our new flat which cost us at least US$430,000 and thinking about the amount of loans we have to pay back for the next few decades is really discouraging.

It was one of the biggest purchase we have ever made in our entire life, beside spending another big sum of money on our wedding day.

It was not easy to continue our planning of the oversea trips as both of us felt really low then.

However, being absolutely optimistic that things will turn out well and being a strong believer in having a full experience in our marriage life, I decided to push on our plan.

It was not easy for us but my sense is that if not now, then when?

The right time will never come.

Having been my marriage life for almost 2 years have taught me my fair share of important tips to a happy marriage. It somehow provides some answers to you if you are also searching for tips for a successful marriage.

Here are my 9 important marriage tips:
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Love Letters For Your Wife

from joaoalmeida

Yesterday was one of the most important moments in my life, beside my wedding day. I attended a Dale Carnegie course. It covers on topics such as stress management to conflict resolution. The best thing is the common principles can be applied both in work and home.

On the last day of this Dale Carnegie class, we had to bring along friend. And I brought along my best friend and soul mate – my wife.

In fact, I wanted to write a blog post to thank my wife for being present. I think I should take a break from writing about wedding gowns or wedding hairstyles and I am just thinking it has been quite a while I wrote a love letter for her. This gives me a brigt idea to label this post as “Love Letters for Your Wife”

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How to Tell When a Relationship is Over In 90 Seconds!

Abusive Men or Women?

wedding ebook cover
photo from monkeyiron

Dating has always been part of the entire courtship experience.

What happens when you see this handsome guy across the hall?

He saw you too and walked up to you. You don’t know why but your heart was pounding faster and faster.

Both of you chatted for a short while and he asked for a date.

Do you say “yes”?
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Why are Husband & Wife Always Competing?

As Featured On Ezine Articles

In life, we always want to be the best, always competing with the people around us.

When we are young, we compete against with our peers and siblings.

In the office, we compete against with our colleagues.

After we got married, sometimes we compete against with our spouses.

We are always competing. And we thought that we will never compete with the person we adore most. However, such competition is unavoidable in some marriages.

In a family especially in this era when the salary of both husband and wife can be the same, if not the salary of the latter can be more.

I wonder how does a man feel when his wife is more capable than him, earns more than him and is better than him in many ways.

Lets say for instance, my wife’s salary is more than mine and I’m in a career which many see as there is no future for me, I do feel quite depressed most of the times.

It was especially so when my mother-in-law was asking me when I will be switching line.

In Hong Kong, social work though amicable, can be seen as a lower grade career. The people who are in engineering or law fields are seemed as more “successful” and more “capable”.

What do you think?
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