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Unsubscribed Because “No Longer Preparing Wedding”

Today I received an email from a ex-subscriber to My Wedding Blog.

In the reason she gave was “No Longer Preparing Wedding“.

Immediately there are a few thoughts on my mind.

Is she not preparing her wedding because it has been postponed?

Or is it cancelled?

I have a couple of experiences when some other previous brides emailed me thanking me for my help and in addition to that, they mentioned that they no longer needed my help.

I was elated initially as I thought their weddings were over. However, they explained that their weddings were called off due to some unforseen circumstances.

I was saddened to hear such news. Inevitably, in my journey to provide help for all brides and grooms who are preparing for their weddings, I will still hear such news which are unavoidable in the long run.

Sad or not sad, it is up to the bride herself to decipher.

I have some ex-brides who emailed me again a few weeks after their weddings were called off, sharing that the decision was indeed appropriate when they gave it more thoughts.
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Exercising a Day Keeps the Relationship Going Strong!

I know exercising takes commitment especially when you need to literally drag the other significant half to the park to exercise with you.

Most of the times, we are bogged down with work. Who isn’t?

I’m glad my wife decided today to join me in an evening hike.

I thank her for her commitment as I’m sure it takes alot of thinking through to first put aside her work and join me in my exercise routine.

I know it is tough. It may be similarly tough for you to motivate your husband to join you in something you have always enjoyed.

In a relationship and especially in a marriage, it takes consistency to encourage your other significant half to be interested in your life.

However, before asking someone to be interested in our life, we have to be first interested in theirs.
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Reasons and Causes for Divorce

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wedding cake

There are many reasons for divorce and many times most cases can be salvage.

I am not here to teach you how to argue and win every time.

One can never win every time. And sometimes giving way to each other also means you have won.

How often do you argue with your spouse or partner?

What do you normally argue about?

Sometimes, the roots to these are from very minor stuff like different habits.

You want a good example?
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Have You Ever Stayed In Your Wife’s Office Till 4am?

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It was my breaking of record.

Have you ever stayed in your wife’s office till 4am?

I just did a few days ago.

It was initially madness as it was my first time doing that.

However, when I come to think about it, it was a good chance for me to observe for myself why she is so busy all the time.

I think it was like those school days when you get to visit your parents’ offices and you awed in amazement.

And after that day, you got to understand your parents a little bit better.

If your wife is busy all the time, you may want to meet her for dinner and pop by her office after that.

I know it is not easy.
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What is the Secret to a Wedding Survival?

Many of us thought that having a wedding is a great joy.

Yes, it is. It is a bliss.

And at the same time, many of us forget that it comes together as a package.

You know it is like a big project and your fiance is your partner.

Have you taken part in any project at all?

Does everything go smoothly?

Or sometimes you feel like strangling your partner who you see as uncooperative or want to “eat snake” (meaning laze around and refuse to help)?

It is not easy.
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