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Abusive Men or Women?

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Dating has always been part of the entire courtship experience.

What happens when you see this handsome guy across the hall?

He saw you too and walked up to you. You don’t know why but your heart was pounding faster and faster.

Both of you chatted for a short while and he asked for a date.

Do you say “yes”?

Hold on to this thought first.

Fast forward 2 years down the road, you got married to him and only to realise, that it is too late, that he is an abusive husband.

He slapped you when you wanted to rebut and he threatened to beat you up if you go against him.

Bring back to this present time, will you agree to his request for a date if you know that under his mask, he is an abusive man?

But the question is: how can we know that a person is abusive or not?
We can’t possibly read a person like a book, can we?

I was looking at this site: womansavers.com and it is a database collectively put together by women worldwide.

How interesting! You can use this as a platform for infidelity support.

There are records, stories and even names of male abusers as well as CHEATERS!

Damn, I hate people who cheat especially men who cheat on their female partners.

Sad to say, there is always an equal chance nowdays that women cheat on their husbands as well.

Ok, anyway back to this new site I found, it offers its readers doctor’s advice and psychotherapist’s opinions on matters ranging from relationship to mental health.

Many people think that mental health is always related to the mentally ill. In my opinion, the number one cause for this is always relationship between man and woman. It has always been like that ever since the evolution of mankind and we have not revolutionised in this matter in any way.

We still have so much relationship problem nowadays, as long as we are still human beings.

Ok, enough of problems! We need to destress be it woman or not.

Womansavers.com also offer women games for women. You can also send e-cards to your women friends. So go send one now to your women friends to wish them a happy woman day!

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