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Stuart And Kloudiia’s Wedding – Part 1

Stuart and Kloudiia wedding

I attended one of my mentor’s wedding yesterday. It was a Catholic wedding at the Church of St Mary of the Angels.

It was the second Catholic wedding I had attended and it was a beautiful experience, totally different from my cousin’s Buddhist wedding ceremony in May 07.

My friends and I arrived quite early, at about 8.30am. There were already many guests, most probably the relatives and immediate family members.

During such wedding, normally the members closer to the wedding couple would turn up especially early for such important occassion.

I remember on my wedding day, one of my aunties turned up at 6.30am at my house and we only leaving the house at 8.10am to fetch the bride.

Back to Stuart and Kloudiia’s wedding, the bride was in this fantastically gorgeous wedding gown from TedWu.

I must say the gown was unique and fit her nicely. In fact, her gown was really different, and was one that I could only see on bridal magazines. Normally, for the past weddings I had attended, the gowns were the normal ones which were off-shoulder and much simpler in terms of designs.

Oh! Do take note of the flower designs on the train of the gown. They were beautiful!

For the benefit of my readers who are Catholic, Stuart and Kloudiia prepared this little booklet – The Sacrament of Holy Matrimony Uniting Stuart & Kloudiia.

The first page shows the order of ceremony, as follows:
– The Processional March
– Rite Of Welcome
– Liturgy Of The Word
– Rite Of Marriage
– Liturgy Of the Eucharist
– Rie of Communion
– Concluding Rite
– Singing of The Marriage Register
– Reccessional Procession

Just to end off, I want to share with you something which the Priest mentioned and is really meaningful.

Life just after wedding is the beginning. It takes alot of compromising, love and understanding for any couple to overcome the obstacles in life.

In a relationship, there bound to have many hurdles to cross. And with love and understanding between the couples, no hurdle is impossible to overcome.

And I believe this is very true for any relationship, be it before or after marriage.

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