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9 Tips To A Happy Marriage Lessons I Have Learnt

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As my wife and I were planning our second honeymoon (sort of) to Japan for 2 full weeks, we were recalling on how a getaway plan can go down into pieces so easily.

Barely 2 months ago, we have just bought our new flat which cost us at least US$430,000 and thinking about the amount of loans we have to pay back for the next few decades is really discouraging.

It was one of the biggest purchase we have ever made in our entire life, beside spending another big sum of money on our wedding day.

It was not easy to continue our planning of the oversea trips as both of us felt really low then.

However, being absolutely optimistic that things will turn out well and being a strong believer in having a full experience in our marriage life, I decided to push on our plan.

It was not easy for us but my sense is that if not now, then when?

The right time will never come.

Having been my marriage life for almost 2 years have taught me my fair share of important tips to a happy marriage. It somehow provides some answers to you if you are also searching for tips for a successful marriage.

Here are my 9 important marriage tips:
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7 Must-Know Before the Wedding Contract Kills You!!!

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bride on phone

Yesterday I was speaking to one of my good friends who is getting married next year.

She will be signing up for the wedding package in one of the local hotels.

The price per table is currently at about S$800 plus.

I was going through some of the must-do stuffs with her so that she will benefit more from the contract.

These very powerful tips I am going to share with you has saved me at least S$1000 or even more.

I have this belief that hotels are there to eat us, the small consumers and thus, we have to play hard to avoid being bullied in some sense. Anyway, we are paying at least S$20,000 for our wedding banquet.

I’m sure we are already considered very mild in our negotiation compared to some corporate business managers who are so well-trained in their negotiation skills.

I do work with corporate partners before and you should see how sharp their tongues were. They were soft, graceful and gentle in their bargaining skills and the sales person attending to them had no choice but to say yes to every one of their requests.

And they always send in the Miss Pretty and Mr Handsome to do the negotiation so that they can use their physical appearance to break the wall.

Alright, let me do a quick summary of what I had told her so that you can benefit as well:

7 Must-Know Before You Sign the Wedding Contract

1. Whatever agreed terms that are not in the contract, please request the hotel staff attending to you to write them in the contract and counter sign.

Turn-over rate in hotel staff is high and is common to have a different coordinator attending to you after a few months have passed. I have mine changed 3 times.

Thus to avoid yourself getting into a difficulty spot to explain again, get the current hotel coordinator to counter-sign so that there will be no question ask in the future.

2. Verbally clarify any issue that you are unclear.

Don’t assume as it is. Contract is one funny piece of paper where the power of English comes into play. And only those who know the game can win.

The words may appear as they are but can have another definition, according to the hotels.

For example, if the contract states “day rental of helper’s room”, don’t assume that their day is 24 hours or as in 1 whole day. Check with them what the hotel means.
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7 Wedding Games To Make the Groom Blush

According to ancient time, wedding door game implies that the bride is a lovely girl and her family and friends do not want to marry her away. The groom will be blocked at the bride’s door, and her friends will try to stop him from entering by asking questions about the bride, a way to test if he really cares about her.

They may also do other tricks to delay the bride’s leaving. The groom will try to buy his way in by presenting “Li Shi”, token money wrapped in red envelops. The entire “bargain” process is joyous and good-natured.

I think I shouldn’t bored you with too much theory or history. Let’s get down to the most fun thing which is coming up with wedding games to.

In Singapore where is dominated by the Chinese community, we play wedding games both in the morning and at night.

In the morning, wedding games are played so that the groom will have a hard time getting to the bride.

At night during the wedding dinner, wedding games are played so that there will be entertainment for the guests. Ha…in addition, the main reason is because the wedding couples are the main stars for the night and friends will bound to want to have some fun during this special occassion.

Below are 7 wedding games you can use if you are given the special tasks to plan wedding games for the wedding couple.

7 Wedding Games To Make the Groom Blush:

1. Getting Groom to Pose Like a Model in the Bride’s undergarments and dress

At my cousin’s wedding this year, her bridesmaids cut out sexily and scantily dressed models’ pictures and the groom had to pose like the models. And of course, there were some dresses and undergarments belonging to my cousin and the groom has to wear them before he posed.

We had a great time laughing and at the expense of the face of the groom.

2. Tying Banana to the Groom’s Groin Area

This is a real example that my wife told me. In fact, our photographer shown her the video of the torturing of the groom who was one of his customers. The bridesmaids tied a banana pointing up at the groin area of the groom. And it was not the groomsmen who ate it but the bridesmaids. Hmmm…I wonder whose idea it was.

3. Eating off the chest

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Wedding Entertainment

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Wedding dinner has always been so routine and we kind of expect what will definitely happen at a typical wedding dinner.

No doubt, we are there to give our blessings to the wedding couples, it could be really very boring at times especially you have to sit with strangers you may not have seen before.

Dishes were dished out one after the other and we just ate and ate, avoiding conversation.

Even if relatives do get to sit together and their bond is not close, the few hours could be one of the longest in their lives.

That is why allocation of guests to every table is important and this will determine if the guests really enjoy themselves.

wedding violin

A typical wedding dinner goes like this:
1. Cock-tail reception
2. Wedding 1st March-in
3. Presentation of 1st dish
4. Showing of 1st video of wedding couples’ childhood photos
5. Wedding 2nd March-in
6. Cake-cutting and champagne pouring
7. Showing of 2nd video of wedding couples’ courtship days

I managed to type the list out in less than a minute and it only shows the many weddings that I have attended are mostly the same.

The only wedding dinner that I have enjoyed most was that of my cousin’s. There was songs being sung by live singers throughout the wedding dinner.

The guests were so hyped out that they were waving hands in the air when the singers sung. It was just like a concert.

Other wedding entertainment that I could think of is playing of wedding music by a group of musicians.

And while surfing the net, I happened to find this group of musicians who call themselves “Grace Notes”
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Wedding Magnet Favor

There are many type of wedding favors. There are lollies, picture frames, keychains, chocolates, teddy bears and fridge magnets.

wedding magnet favor
from yahoofs.com

Having wedding magnets as wedding favors could be really interesting and useful.

First of all, they can be sticked on fridge and be used to hold memo.

Secondly, magnets could be stuck to the fridge and won’t disappear among the pile of papers we have on our desks.

Many times, we either cast the wedding favors into the deep corners of cabinets or throw them away when we reached home.

When choosing wedding favor, I look for its practicallity. Can it be used? Will guests throw them away or even leave it behind in the wedding ballroom?

If the answer to the above questin is yes, then it may guarantee a longer lifespan for your wedding favors and they may not end up in the rubbish bins yet.
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