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Wedding Magnet Favor

There are many type of wedding favors. There are lollies, picture frames, keychains, chocolates, teddy bears and fridge magnets.

wedding magnet favor
from yahoofs.com

Having wedding magnets as wedding favors could be really interesting and useful.

First of all, they can be sticked on fridge and be used to hold memo.

Secondly, magnets could be stuck to the fridge and won’t disappear among the pile of papers we have on our desks.

Many times, we either cast the wedding favors into the deep corners of cabinets or throw them away when we reached home.

When choosing wedding favor, I look for its practicallity. Can it be used? Will guests throw them away or even leave it behind in the wedding ballroom?

If the answer to the above questin is yes, then it may guarantee a longer lifespan for your wedding favors and they may not end up in the rubbish bins yet.

wedding magnet favor
from moodsweddings.com

I remembered my wedding favors are wine glass chains for glasses’ stems and picture frames. When one of my helpers’ friend was going on his round to collect any favor that is left behind, he only found 2 frames. The rest had been brought home by guests.

I believed that the guests must have found some use for the wedding favors. That is why they bring it home in the first place.

Back to fridge magnets as wedding favors, there could be many designs.

wedding magnet favor
from needafavoronline.com

Or it could be a picture frame with a magnet at its back. Some wedding couples wanted to put their photos in the frames. However, guests would take them out and replace with theirs. Maybe name inscription on the borders may be a better altenative.

There are many other designs too such as storks design, bear design, angels designs and many more.

You may even want to have customised magnets. However, they will be more expensive.

Hence, if you are fine with the wedding favors offered by the hotels or restaurants, keep to them. The money saved can still be used for your other wedding expenditure.

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