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Wedding Snapshots 7: First March In and Solemnisation

Finally, as the music played softly in the background and the doors were opened, we slowly made our way into the ballroom….

for once…we felt like stars…the feeling was magical…unbelievable…as if we were floating on clouds…

as we marched towards the stage…our solemniser welcomed us…and asked us if we came on our own freewill…”just to check… :p

parents were invited up the stage to witness the signing of the papers…

every guest’s eyes were fixed on the stage to witness this wondrous and touching moments…

soon after, we were declared husband and wife…>.<

Sending out our Wedding Invitation cards

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1 more month to our wedding…we are busy preparing the wedding invitation cards.

There are a few things you need:

1. The guest’s name and surname (if applicable)

2. The guest’s mailing address (if you are not passing to him/ her personally by hand)

3. A pen to write the names on the inserts

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E-filing on the ROM web site

Yesterday, I received a call from my solemniser. Thank goodness…he had come back from?oversea from his trip. I’m extremely delighted when I received his call.

I know there were a number of info you need before you start clicking into?the ROM?web site.

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Registry of Marriage for Wedding

rom_logo2.gifSoon…we will need to file notice of marriage at our Singapore’s Registry of Marriage. Normally, we can do 25 days to 30 days before our solemnisation day.

?I didn’t know that we need the license number of our solemniser. When I called him, he was in overseas and I couldn’t get him.

What are the things we need to do:

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